Category: Job Postings

How do I view resumes for a job I posted?

You can view resumes submitted for a job posting by clicking on the Job Manager navigation link. Click on the word “total” with a number in parenthesis next to it under the APPLICATIONS column to view the resumes submitted for that job. You can also select “Resume Menu” from the navigation and click on “Resume Inbox” to see all resumes received for all jobs. Click on the name of the candidate who you wish to view the application information.

What is the difference between a featured job and a Featured Employer?

A featured job is one that has been selected to be featured for a small fee. Featured jobs appear at the top of matching search results and are marked with a blue arrow. All Featured Employer jobs are Featured Jobs. Featured Employers are companies who actively recruit for several positions and have selected to have unlimited job postings and additional features available. For more information on Featured Employers, please contact us.

Why does the posted date change?

The POSTED date will change for Featured Employer jobs. A Featured Employers job remains active for the entire term the account is upgraded to Featured Employer. The POSTED date on all featured employer jobs will update every fifteen days. A Featured Employer must archive or delete a job that should no longer be active.

When does my job expire?

The job posting expires on the last day of the duration selected when the job credit was purchased.

If you are a Featured Employer, job postings will not expire until your Featured Employer account expires. Featured Employers must archive or delete a job that should no longer be active.

How do I activate a pending job?

Click on the “Job Manager” and select the link for “Pending Jobs”. Check the box in the Activate column next to the job you wish to activate and click the button “Activate Jobs”.

The pending job I had in my account is no longer there.

Pending jobs will automatically be deleted after one year.

How do I activate an archived job?

Click on the “Job Manager” and select the link for “Archived Jobs”. From the drop down under the Activate column, select a credit for the job you wish to activate and click “Go”. If you are a Featured Employer, simply click “Go” next to the archived job you wish to activate. If you are not a Featured Employer and do not have any job credits or the desired job credit, you can use the “Pricing Plans” link to purchase more credits.

Can I get a refund for a job credit purchased, but not used?

Please see our payment policy.

If I delete a job, will the resumes received also be deleted?

No, the applications received will still be available in your resume inbox if you used the CareerCenter system to manage applications. If you used a different URL to collect applications, deleting a job from the CareerCenter will not affect the other system.

What are pending jobs?

Pending jobs are jobs that have been created, but not activated. You will need to have job posting credits or be a Featured Employer in order to activate a job.

How is the contact information displayed to candidates?

The contact information will be displayed on the job posting and is used to create the map of your location for candidates. This information is optional. If you wish to share contact information with candidates, please fill out only those fields that you wish to share. Please note that if you enter in a URL or email address into this section, it will not change the application email or URL you designated earlier in the form.

What are the prescreening questions?

Prescreening questions are optional and available to help you narrow your candidate search. The answer desired to the prescreening questions must be yes. Select a weight to add to each question. A rank will be determined based on the weight of the question and answer by the candidate. The rank for each candidate will show in your resume inbox. For example, if you have two questions – 1. Do you hold a Doctoral degreee? and 2. Are you willing to relocate?. The first question may be weighted at 100% as this is a requirement for the job and the second question may be weighted at only 25% if this is not a specific job requirement.

What is the “Application Email/URL”?

If you would like to receive applications using our CareerCenter, simply enter in the contact email address. This is where you will receive notifications when a new candidate has applied or other actions related to your job posting. The CareerCenter will save the candidate information and provides tools for managing applications. If you have an external candidate management system, you may enter in the URL where you would like for candidates to apply.

How do I select multiple locations for one job posting?

Currently, each job can only be associated with one location. For a job available in multiple locations, you can choose to post a job for each location or include the other locations available in the details of your job posting. Please note that if you choose to include the other locations in the details of your job posting, this will not enable those locations to match job seeker searches for those locations.

How do I know how many times my job posting has been viewed?

Click on “Job Manager” from the navigation menu. In the active and archived jobs there is a column for “views” on each job. This reflects the number of times your job has been viewed.

How do I delete or archive a job?

Click on “Job Manager” from the navigation menu. Click the icon for “archive” or “delete” in the row of the job you wish to archive or delete. We recommend archiving jobs rather than deleting them to save a history of the jobs posted.

How do I edit a job?

Click on “Job Manager” from the navigation menu. Click on the icon under the edit column for the job you wish to edit. Change or add any of the information on the job posting. Click the submit button and the job will be updated.

How do I post a new job?

To post a job, you will need to have purchased job credits or be a featured employer. Click on the Job Manager link from the navigation and select the button to “Post New Job”.  Complete all required fields and any optional fields you wish to use. Click “submit” to be taken to the job preview. Review the job details and choose to “edit this job”, “activate job” or “save as pending”.