Category: Billing & Payment

How do I get a Promo code?

Promo codes are sometimes sent in our email newsletters. Once you have purchased your first job posting, you will be eligible to receive our email newsletters. We also distribute Promo codes for employers and recruiters who wish to create an integrated advertising campaign including print advertising or banner advertising. Contact us for more information.

What does “Bold All Ads” mean?

Selecting the bolding option will make the job title bolded in the search results to be more noticeable to potential candidates.

What does “Feature All Ads” mean?

You can select to have your job “featured” to be more noticeable to potential candidates. Featured means that the job will have a blue arrow next to it to indicate that it is featured. Featured jobs also appear at the top of matching search results.

How do I select multiple pricing plans for the same purchase?

Currently, you can only select one duration and quantity option to purchase. If you would like to purchase a variety of posting durations, you will need to purchase them separately. Complete the purchase for the first duration and quantity and then select “Pricing Plans” from the navigation to purchase additional durations and quantities.

Can I use a check or purchase order?

Please see our payment policy.

How do I qualify for payment terms to be invoiced?

Please contact us for questions related to payment terms.