Category: Job Search

What are “Featured Employers”?

Featured Employers are potential employers who frequently post jobs and have access to enhanced recruiting tools. To learn more about featured companies, please contact us.

The Post Date for the same job has changed. Is this another position for the same company?

Some employers are offered the opportunity to post a job for a longer period of time, but to have it refresh every 15 days while they are actively looking to fill the position. This option is to prevent active positions from becoming outdated. The employer may update the position details, but most likely it is still the original position.

What is “My Favorite Jobs”?

The My Favorite Jobs area is where you will find jobs that you have selected to save from previous job searches.

Why are the same jobs always at the top of my search?

These jobs are from employers who have purchased additional exposure to promote their job posting. This could indicate that the employer hires often or has an immediate need to fill the position. If you are hoping to have a new job quickly, we suggest paying extra attention to these listings.

I signed up for a Job Agent but have not received any emails.

There are a few reasons why you may not have received any Job Agent emails:
1.        You are using an email address that is blocking Russell Johns CareerCenter emails.
2.        Your email address was temporarily unavailable (perhaps your mailbox was full) when the profile email was sent
3.        Your profile choices are too specific and no jobs have been added that match that description
4.        You have not turned the email notifications on for the Job Agents.

What is “My Agent”?

When you create an Agent, you are creating a profile of what job categories you are interested in, where the location of the job you would like, and keywords that describe this job. Once the information is entered, the system can find jobs that match your request and will email you links to that job! Click “My Agent” for more information.  You can add up to 5 Job Agents.

I have seen the same job available on the website for a long time. How do I know this position is still open?

Employers can select the length of time a job posting is available on the site or they can remove the job when they no longer are accepting applications. If you are unsure if a position is still available, you may wish to contact the employer. However, most jobs that are listed on our site are still accepting applications.

Do I need an account to search jobs?

No, but we recommend you do to save jobs, keep a record of jobs applied to and use other features available on the site. You will also have the option to enable your resume to be searchable by potential employers.

Why do some jobs have more information than others?

The job information is completed by the employer. The employer may wish to only post certain information. If you need more information to decide if the job is right for you, you may want to contact the employer.

Which option do I choose to share a job?

The Share link lets you decide which option you would like to choose. You can share a job via email or your favorite social networking or messenger program.

How can I use keywords to search jobs?

You can enter as many keywords as you feel necessary to find the right matching job opening. Select the button for “All keywords” if you want all of the keywords you typed to appear in the job details or “Any keyword” to see jobs that match one of the words you entered.

How can I get more information about a job posting?

The employer has only provided us with the information on the website. For more information, you will need to follow the contact or application instructions to contact the person or organization who is filling this position.

How do I save a job search?

Click “My Agents” from the navigation. Click the link to “Add New Agent”.  Fill in your search criteria and click the button to “Add Notifications”.

What happens when I save a job?

Click save to save a job to the “My Favorite Jobs” area. This feature was added for your convenience. You can save the jobs that seem most appealing and go back to them when you are ready to apply.

Why aren’t there more results in my search?

If you are not seeing as many job opportunities as you would like from your search, consider changing your search criteria. Select all categories that apply to your ideal job description, select a longer posting period and/or leave some options selected as “all”.

How can I get more-focused search results?

If you are not getting the search results desired, we recommend reviewing your job search criteria. Think about your ideal job and what categories, salary range, location and job type that it would fall under. Select those options when running your search.

How do I search for jobs?

Click on the link to search jobs. Enter in any keywords that are relevant to the job you are looking for. Select the category or categories your ideal job might be listed under. If you know the company name, you can select it. Select the locations where you would like the job to be located or enter your zip code and a mile range. Select the desired job types, salary range and/or posting date.