Category: Apply for Jobs

When I click on a job I applied for, it says the job is no longer in the database. What does that mean?

The job is no longer active. You may wish to follow up with the employer if you did not hear back from them regarding your application.

If there are contact details and an apply button, which do I use?

Use the apply link. The apply link will take you to one of three options: the CareerCenter application process, a different website where you can apply or an e-mail address to submit your application. The employer selects which option they would prefer to receive applications.

I clicked PRINT and a new window came up but it didn’t print.

Right click in the new window and select “print”.

What is the “Job Reference”?

The Job Reference is populated by the employer. This is most likely the ID that the organization is using to identify the current job opening.

When I click to submit my resume, I sometimes get Pre-Interview Questions – what is that and do I need to answer them?

Pre Interview Questions are questions that the employer has set up and would like to have answered in addition to receiving your resume. You need to answer them in order to respond to the job.

How do I delete a job from my folder?

First login. Then click on “My favorite Jobs” and then check the box next to the job you would like to “Delete”.  Click on “Delete” at the bottom of “My favorite Jobs”.

What happens if I save a job and it doesn’t come up in my save folder?

If the job is no longer available, you cannot view the job posting saved in your folder so the job title will not be a hyperlink. If the job is re-posted by the employer (thus available again), the job saved in your folder will then be viewable again.

I sent my resume to an employer, now what?

After you submit your resume to an employer you can choose to follow up with the employer as you would normally do in any application process. Please be patient as some employers may receive a high volume of applications.

When I click apply, who is my resume sent to?

It is sent directly to the employer – to the email address listed on the job posting. If you do not see an email address in the posting, it is because the employer has chosen not to be contacted directly via email. Please pay close attention to the job description. Occasionally employers prefer you to respond in a very specific manner and instructions are given in the job description.

How can I track the jobs I’ve applied for?

Click “My Job Applications” from the navigation menu to view a list of the jobs you have applied to.

Why didn’t I receive a response when I applied online?

If you applied to a job and did not receive a response, you may wish to follow up with the employer. Once you have applied, it is up to the employer if they wish to communicate.

What happens when I apply online for a job?

Applying online submits your application information to the person or organization responsible for filling the position.

How do I apply for a job?

Click on the job details and click the link to “Apply”. This could take you to the CareerCenter application process, another website where you can apply, or to an email address to submit your application. The employer has selected how they would prefer to receive applications based on these options.