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I posted my resume – now what?

Thank you for posting your resume. It is now available to employers who search potential candidate resumes. We recommend searching and applying to jobs in addition to posting a public and searchable resume.

We also recommend keeping your resume updated and have different copies for your resume targeted to different types of jobs that you may apply for.

When I click to spell check, it says it is already running?

This has been known to occur when you have popup windows blocked. If you blocked the popup and then tried to access it again, you will get the error that the spell check is already running. You will need to close out that browser window and begin again.

When I click to spell check, nothing happens. Is it broken?

This has been known to occur when you have popup windows blocked. You will need to close your browser window and begin again. This time, disable your pop up blocker before clicking spell check.

How do I paste my resume?

Press the <Ctrl> and the C keys on your keyboard (at the same time) to copy from the original source. Click in the resume details box and press the <Ctrl> and the V keys to paste the copied content into the box.

Which employers have viewed my resume?

Employer’s information is private until the employer contacts you to follow up on your resume or application. We cannot share which employers are viewing your resume.

Since I posted my resume it has been viewed 0 times. Why is it not viewed by employers I send it to?

Check to make sure your resume is searchable. Go to My Resumes and click the link to “Make Searchable” if it is not already selected.
If you want to improve the likelihood that your resume will be seen by employers, make sure you have selected the right categories and used keywords in your resume that match what an employer might include in their job description or search for.

Is there a limit to how long my resume can be?

No. However, most recommendations say your resume should be one to two pages long, but this can vary by industry and experience.

How do I format my resume in the system?

There are a few things you can do to beautify:
to enter spaces between paragraphs
just put that <P> tag between the paragraphs.
<b>to put something in bold, place it between the 2 tags like this</b> <b> this is in bold </b>
To make things appear bulleted, use
<li> item one results in:
•  item one

How do I cut & paste my resume?

Try pasting it to Notepad (If you are on a PC, click start -> programs -> accessories -> notepad) first. That will remove all the formatting that your word processor is doing. Once it is in Notepad, then click on edit -> select all and then edit -> copy. Go back over to the area where you can paste your resume, click inside the box, and press the control (Ctrl) key and the V key at the same time.

Can I email or fax a resume?

No. All resumes must be uploaded or entered into your account in order to send the resume to a potential employer.

I am having trouble entering/uploading my resume.

Please make sure the resume you are attempting to upload is 80KB or less. Please also check to make sure the file you are attempting to upload is in an acceptable format: .doc, .pdf, .html, or .htm.

How can I update or edit my resume?

If you need to update your resume, click “My Resume” from the navigation menu and click on the name of the resume you wish to update. You can change your selections and/or attached a new file.

Who is viewing my resume?

Potential employers and recruiters may be viewing your resume. If your resume is searchable, potential employers and recruiters will be able to view your resume. Employers and recruiters who have posted a job that you have applied to may also view your resume. Click “My Resume” to see how many views your resumes have had.

What is a non-searchable resume?

If you select “Not Searchable”, your resume will not be available through the resume database for potential employers to find.

What is a searchable resume?

A searchable resume allows potential employers to view your resume when searching for potential candidates.

What is a private resume?

If you select “Make Private” your contact information will not be viewable to potential employers. A potential employer will be able to contact you through the CareerCenter without seeing your contact details. Please note that if you select “Private”, any information contained within your resume will still be viewable to potential employers.

What is a public resume?

Selecting to make a resume public makes your contact information public. If you would like to keep your contact information private from potential employers, please select “Make Private”. A potential employer will be able to contact you through the CareerCenter without seeing your contact details. Please note that if you select “Private”, any information contained within your resume will still be viewable to potential employers.

Who will see my resume?

Your resume will be viewed by the creator of the job posting. Most likely a recruiter and/or potential employer. Please note that an employer may choose to share your resume with others as necessary in the hiring process.

How can I confirm that my resume and cover letter have been submitted?

Click on “My Job Applications” and confirm the title of the job that you applied for appears in the list.

What file types can I upload?

Resumes can be uploaded from a Word document (.doc), an html or htm file, or in PDF format.

How do I upload my resumes and cover letters on this site?

You can upload your resume by clicking “My Resume” in the top menu once you have logged in. Click on the link to “Add new Resume” and follow the instructions on that page. You will have the option to enter the contents of your cover letter when you apply to a job through the CareerCenter.

Can I upload more than one resume / cover letter?

Yes. You can have up to 3 different resumes. The cover letter can be entered when you apply for a job. If the “APPLY” link takes you to another website, you may need to upload/insert your resume and cover letter again into that website. If the “APPLY” link takes you to an email address, you will need to attached your resume and cover letter.

Why should I create a cover letter?

Creating a cover letter can improve your chances of being called for an interview. A cover letter serves as your introduction to a potential employer and provides the opportunity to explain your experience, skill and other information on a high level. Your resume is for providing your professional details and does not showcase your personality.

Do I need a resume to apply to a job posting?

Most likely. Applying through the CareerCenter or through an employers website will require a resume submitted. Although some employers may provide an email address, they are most likely looking for a resume to be submitted via the contact email. Follow any instructions provided by the employer in the job details closely. If the employer requests a resume, cover letter and any other information, you should supply all of it with your application.