Category: Resume Search

Can I change the “Status” options available for Resumes?

No. The CareerCenter currently has set “Status” options most commonly used in the recruitment process. Please use the current “status” options to organize resumes within your Resume Inbox and/or Resume Folders. If you have a suggestion for a status to be added, please contact us.

How do I search the resume database?

Only Featured Employers are able to search resumes. Click on the “Resume Menu” link in the navigation and click “Search Resumes”. Select the criteria you would like to search on and click the “Search Resumes” button. If you are interested in becoming a Featured Employer, please contact us.

I deleted a candidate from the resume inbox, is there anyway to retrieve it?

No. Unfortunately, choosing delete is a permanent decision. We recommend using the “Set Status” options to organize resumes rather than deleting them.

How will I receive responses from a candidate that I emailed?

Candidates will respond directly to the email address on your account or provided when sending an email communication. Candidate responses will not be logged in the CareerCenter.

How do I track the email communications with a candidate?

If you are using the CareerCenter to communicate with candidates, you can view the email communications sent to a candidate by clicking on the candidate name. Scroll down to the tab that says “Email”. Click on the Subject line of the sent email to view the message details.

How do I make notes about a candidate?

Select the candidate who you wish to note information. Scroll to the section that has a “Notes” tab and click the link to “Add Notes”. Once notes have been added, you can click the link to “Edit Notes” to add new notes or change notes. Click “Delete Notes” to delete all of the notes entered.

How do I organize resumes?

When viewing your list of applications, select the check box next to the names of the candidates you wish to organize and use the “set status” drop down to categorize applications by status. Click the “Update” button. Please note that setting a status does not send any communication to the candidate. If you are a Featured Employer, you can also create folders to organize applications. From the resume menu, select resume folder. Add as many resume folders as needed. Return to the list of applications and select the check box next to the candidates you wish to move into a folder. Select the folder from the drop down menu and click the “Update” button.

Why didn’t I receive an email with matching resumes?

The Resume Agent only sends an email when there are new resumes that match the criteria selected when the Resume Agent was created. If you are not receiving candidate matches or as many as desired, check to make sure that email notifications is turned on in your resume agent and the email address is correct. We also recommend reviewing your Resume Agent criteria to ensure it is not too narrowly focused.

What is a “Resume Agent”?

A Resume Agent is a tool for automatically searching new resumes. Set up a resume agent with the desired criteria to be notified via email when a new resume is posted that matches your criteria.

How do I view resumes for a job I posted?

You can view resumes submitted for a job posting by clicking on the Job Manager navigation link. Click on the word “total” with a number in parenthesis next to it under the APPLICATIONS column to view the resumes submitted for that job. You can also select “Resume Menu” from the navigation and click on “Resume Inbox” to see all resumes received for all jobs. Click on the name of the candidate who you wish to view the application information.

What is the video for a job seeker?

Job seekers have the option to upload a video resume. If you have a job seeker or candidate with a video, check it out.

Why did my search return zero results?

Try reviewing your search criteria to make sure it is not too limited. Also, check the keywords entered, if any, when running the search. Use keywords that would most commonly be found in a potential candidates resume.

Are the email communications with a job seeker private?

Yes. If you are using the CareerCenter to communicate with job seekers, please review our privacy policy.

What is the “Resume Summary information” for a job seeker?

The Resume Summary details include what the job seeker has set for their preferred employment conditions.

Can I use a job seeker’s provided email address to contact them?

Yes. If you wish to contact a job seeker with their provided email address you may do so. However, these emails will not be logged in your communication history.

Why is the “Resume Details” for a candidate blank?

Job seekers have the option to upload a resume or include their resume text into a form on their account. If the job seeker has uploaded a resume, they may choose to leave the resume detail text blank.

Why do some Job Seeker names say “Private”?

Job seekers are given the option to keep their contact information private. You can contact a private job seeker through the CareerCenter. A job seeker will reply directly to the email address provided in your account or when sending the private message.