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*Source: September 2015 ABC Publisher’s Statement
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Advertising Opportunities
USA TODAY's Auction Showcase
USA Today Auction Showcase

Auction Showcase reaches an affluent, national audience. USA TODAY works in partnership with the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), the world's largest professional association dedicated to professional auctioneers. National and regional advertising are available.

Why choose USA TODAY’s Auction Showcase for your advertising message?

  • USA TODAY is the go-to news source for real estate investors and online auction purchasers.
  • 3.9MM have a HHI of $100,000+
  • 1.3MM have a net worth of $1 million+
  • 25% are online auction purchasers
  • 1.8MM own real estate in addition to primary residence

(Source: 2015 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, adults 18 or older, HHI $100,000 or more)

NAA Members Receive 30% Off the Open Rates

Auction Showcase regional advertising is available Fridays. National advertising is available Tuesdays and Fridays.

Rates (per inch, per issue) NAA Member Rates   Non-NAA Member Rates
  Tues Fri   Tues Fri
National $585 $700   $835 $1,000
Regional (per region) n/a $179   n/a $256
A 15% agency discount is available to recognized agencies providing camera-ready materials.

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Black and white only.

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  • National and Regional minimum ad size is two column inches (1.88"W x 2"H or 3.91"W x 1"H). Ads may be purchased in 1/2" increments.

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