Advertising Opportunities by Niche Audience

Advertising Opportunities by Niche Audience

Russell Johns Associates provides advertising opportunities by demographic and has been representing publishers of newspapers and magazines since  1968.   Russell Johns represents advertising in magazines, journals, newspapers, and periodicals that reach various markets and allow you to effectively advertise to a niche audience or by demographic. Whether you have a business to sell, a job to fill or a product/opportunity to promote, we can deliver your advertising message to the right target audience.

A successful niche advertising strategy is one that identifies and targets a specific group or demographic of people. Instead of trying to hit a large or general audience advertising to a niche audience requires specifically targeting a defined group.   This group of people is primarily determined by identifying the target audience of people would benefit the most from your specific product or service.  Niche Audiences can be determined by Location, Interest, Income, Profession and more. Media consumption figures are becoming so high that there is a potential for people to consume more media than there are hours in a day. One of the reasons why is the growing use of simultaneous media streams and constant multi-tasking. This leaves advertisers even more concerned about whether or not, people are seeing their ads at all.

How do you Target A Niche Audience?

There are a number of ways Advertisers can target a specific group or demographic of people.  The most successful way is to pinpoint the media consumption behaviors that the audience you are trying to reach has.  Most of the time Niche audiences like Millenials or Baby Boomers participate in specific behavior and choose to rely on specific types of media to get their news or information.  In other cases targeting a specific group might mean promoting your product or service to a specific industry or profession. Advertising to specific professional associations can be extremely successful for this purpose.

A successful niche advertising strategy may include some traditional media  such as print advertising allows for demographic targeting in a way that creates more focused interaction and reduces advertising avoidance. Most people are caught in a conundrum of wanting to take in large amounts of media and trying to be more mindful about who, why, and how they are exposing themselves to media and advertising; while leaving advertisers wondering where they should be spending their money.

Russell Johns’ currently offers advertising opportunities to reach the following demographics and niche audiences,

  • High Income
  • Nationwide
  • Regional
  • Baby Boomer,  50+,  Senior, Retired
  • Generation X
  • Millennial
  • Collectors
  • Pop Cultural, Entertainment and Celebrity News
  • Professional Industries
  • Franchise
  • Recruitment
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Special Interest,  Collectors and Hobbyist
  • Business Opportunity, Franchise, and Co-op advertising
  • Travel
  • Online advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Pay Per Call
  • Radio  ( Regional and Nationwide )

Contact a Russell Johns advertising specialist today to learn more about our publisher’s titles and their respective audiences.= to help you reach your ideal target audience.

  • I am the a person who trying to get my business off the ground, It was hard at first until i post and ads in the USA TODAY paper on June 15th 2019 and as of July 9th 2019 my business have grown 22% from a month ago I wanted to say thank to all of the staff at the USA TODAY for giving me and opportunity to grow my business. I will always advertise with the USA TODAY

    Timothy Jacksonowner
  • Thank you so much Tony for your commitment in having my promotional ad of my novel COME TO ME BY JDAN on the USA Today money section ad on 10/23/17! Your sharp, intellect, wit was right on towards USA Today viewers and I thank you! My goal is to become a successful writer and one day Hollywood filmmaker! You have such a sincere, friendly, dedicated, optimistic approach on patience in which is rare in the world we live today and I’m learning to do daily as an author!  Thank you once again and the best is yet to come!

    JDANBook Author
  • As a first time client of The National Enquirer, I would like to express my gratitude to Josh Padro for patiently listening to my advertising needs, and the impressive ad which he produced.  As the owner of several companies, I deal constantly with various newspapers who always attempt to maximize their revenues off your account, even if it is not warranted.  Josh on the other hand stated that he suggests that initially take it one step at a time to determine our target audience.  I will be a repeat client of The National Enquirer due to Josh's advertising expertise, as well as his personal attention he has displayed.

    Harry S. Bloch
  • My customer experience with Kim Ridgeway, Senior Media Sales Associate with Russell Johns has been excellent.  She is a great listener, listening intently, asking questions, and demonstrating she cares and wants to provide the right advertising solutions.  She has proven to be very honest and transparent, resulting in my opinion that she truly cares about the customer’s happiness and satisfaction.  In one search, my department was required to change issue dates, and Kim and her team showed great flexibility and adaptability and promptly adjusted to new expectations.  On a more personal level, Kim conveys a friendly and caring demeanor while maintaining a high level of professionalism.  Finally, she has consistently responded to my communications promptly.  For all these reasons, we have been extremely satisfied working with Russell Johns!

    Lawrence J. Ellison
    Lawrence J. EllisonMary Raz, EdM, SPHR, SHRM - SCP | MSO – Academic Personnel, HR, and Operations Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • When asked if I would like to provide a gratis testimonial for Russell Johns and  U.S.A. Today publication, I welcomed the opportunity. My loyalty to Russell Johns, and U.S.A. Today publication is a direct result of my complete satisfaction and long time work relationship with Sr. Sales Repr. Kim Ridgeway. For me, Kim IS Russell Johns. She, like her associates, provide unsurpassed service and take the time to assist me, at my convenience with their advertising expertise and value recommendations. As a result, our advertising in U.S. Today has been nothing less than 'Blue Sky' success. In closing, I highly recommend Kim Ridgeway at Russell Johns and the U.S.A. Today publication...a perfect match!

    Chris Biehl
    Chris BiehlASA Corporation

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