Advertising Opportunities for Franchisees

Trying to get the most exposure for their budget is a challenge for any business owner but franchise owners and franchisees face many unique challenges in advertising for their business.   Often advertising opportunities for franchisees owners are limited because they are looking to target specific areas without paying inflated fees because they do not want coverage in certain areas. Trying to advertise a franchise can also carry with it additional, unique difficulties that other types of businesses may not face at all.  There are many rules and regulations that must be followed so as not to encroach onto the territories of another franchisee.  Often  advertising on a larger national or regional scale can seem nearly impossible.

USA Today has the most targeted regional program out there. The Benefit of USA today is in only targeting specific state by state regions where they have either seen interest in their franchise or where they need to further expanded their franchise locations. By reducing cost but covering a larger area they are able to spread out their advertising budget even more while growing their exposure.

Advertising Opportunities for Franchisees

For many Franchisees regional advertising is nearly impossible to  hard to find and that is why the USA Today Regional Program is so unique.  The USA Today Regional program includes 37 “local” papers in some of the largest markets across the country, including the Tennessean in Nashville and the Cincinnati Enquirer. By incorporating USA Today into these regional markets they are able to expand their readers by an additional 1.5 million on weekdays and another 2.5 million on Sunday.


  • Print advertising on a national or regional level also is a great way to spend Co-op dollars as it allows for a broad reach but low budget spend.  Unlike For Regional and local opportunities, surprising to most people, is that in some cases recognized publications do offer advertising opportunities for franchises that are not registered nationwide. “USA Today allows us to place regionally and nationally targeted franchise development campaigns to specific statewide regions  including the Carolina’s, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee.”

    Blaine YoungDirector of Franchise Development NaturaLawn