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is the official journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, and its source for Family Medicine Recruitment Advertising. It is designed for educators from a variety of different backgrounds in family medicine education. This publication reaches approximately 5,000  family physicians, psychologists, sociologists and public health specialists. These loyal readers turn to this publication for the latest information in their field including, family medicine research and commentary on medical education.

Family Medicine Advertising

    • Family Medicine Recruitment Advertising for Educators
      Recruit medical faculty and medical researchers in the Employment Opportunities section.


  • CME
    Medical Education advertising for this targeted readership of family medicine educators, researchers and practitioners is available.
  • Medical Products & Services
    Business and education products and services are featured under a category heading.

This  trusted publication provides  a credible advertising environment for Recruitment, CME, product and service advertising.  This publications provides advertising in both classified word and display format.

Interested in online medical faculty recruitment advertising? For additional advertising resources, employers and other advertisers can turn to the Family Medicine Careers job board which is the official online job board journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

Advertising Information
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