Small Business Online Advertising Opportunities: The Basics of Seo

Small Business Online Advertising Opportunities: The Basics of Seo

Figuring out the basics of online advertising opportunities when you don’t even have a website yet can be daunting.  Let alone getting your website to rank well for SEO on google  can be very confusing, even to those people who have  already  been  running their business online for quite some time. So much to do, and never enough reassurance that what you are doing will pay off.

Getting Started does not have to be super complicated. And there are several things that you can do yourself to get rolling in the right direction.  MCA-RJA went to their long term colleague and expert in the subject Dave Holmstrand, to ask what some of the basics were to making sure your online presence is headed in the right direction. Dave is the owner of Engine Room Web   a web design and development company located in the small town of Dunedin, Florida. Engine Room Web’s  expertise is primarily website solutions for small businesses. Their goal is to help its customers with web presence using websites that are search engine optimized. Engine Room Web works across all screens and platforms, and are skilled in the  integration of  social media with your site.

Dave’s Tip’s and Tricks

There are actually a number of things that small business owners can do to take advantage of online advertising opportunities that they already have working for them that they may not even know about.

  1. Build a website If you don’t have a website yet, get one. Most companies do have websites. But not all of them. And often times even if you don’t sell product off of a website it’s valuable to at least have a landing page with your contact info. This does not take much time or technical knowledge to set up and maintain.
  2. Google your business Search for your business  online and see what comes up. There are a lot of online advertising opportunities that are currently available to small business owners that many are not even aware about. For instance, there are a number of forums for business listings. It is important to make sure that you claim your business listings and then that all of your listings are displaying the right information. So often business owners get caught up in the day to day and forget to see what’s coming up about them in the search engines. Because Google automatically generates listings it’s going off of what information is most likely correct, but this isn’t always the case.
  3. Industry specific listings If there are any industry specific listing pages make sure you sign up there and add all your info. Doctors and dentists have these. Just like Google locations these are a place where past customers can leave reviews. Sometimes even before the business knows the listing is there, people are checking in and leaving reviews. It’s important to make sure that you claim all your pages there so that if people are commenting you can respond effectively.
  4. Content marketing is really big right now. Having fresh content on your website is really crucial. It doesn’t have to take a ton of effort. There are some great tools out there like Yoast that you can install into your WordPress website that can be very beneficial in walking you through how to start blogs helping you understand what aspects of a blog are most important. Key words, word count, and labeling your images.
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