Washington Post Job Board goes National; Joins forces with Russell Johns Associates and Madgex

Washington Post Job Board goes National; Joins forces with Russell Johns Associates and Madgex

Washington Post Job Board goes National


Washington D.C.’s number one source for jobs,the Washington Post is expanding Nationwide. The Washington Post has always been one of the DC areas most used resources for candidates for local and area employers to go to for Recruitment advertising. Employers are able to utilize the Washington Post Job Board to place a mix of both online and print recruitment.

The Washington Post is also proud to announce they are utilizing even more powerful software to deliver  employers and job seekers even more phenomenal results.  Their goal was to better maximize exposure opportunities for both the company and the job board. Not only are employers thrilled to be able to be placing recruitment ads in such a reputable well known source, but they also love the added features and benefits they can receive and the diverse high quality applicants of job seekers looking to make career moves.

 Now that The Washington Post and the Washington Post Job Board have partnered with Madgex Job Board Software , a UK based  technology company  that offers highly advanced level tools and smartphone apps , they are able to provide  a completely intuitive interface. For Madgex,  the experience of the user is their main priority.  They have found that improved job seeker experience translates to stronger employer results.  At Madgex their goal is to provide a completely user-centered approach that delivers an experience that surpasses  all others,  carrying the viewer effortlessly across every touch point.  Employers are able to interact with their audience across multiple channels and to search through a existing candidate database that highlights the most relevant applicants.  Employer features include,  posting, resume search and reporting. Madgex Job Board Software provides SaaS software technology  that features reporting and data lead decision making to further improve the performance of each employer listing making it more efficient and effective.

Madgex has recruited Russell Johns Associates to head their United States Sales division.  Their goal was to conquer the United States recruitment market.  Madgex prides itself on its strong Technology background  and wanted to link up with a company that could be equally as strong in sales.  Russell Johns Associates  is celebrating its  50th year in business as a publisher representative and advertising sales agency. Both Companies felt this partnership was a good fit as Russell Johns Associates  has much experience with recruitment advertising and  represents a number of  Industry and  professional level career centers and job boards.


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