Russell Johns has been connecting advertisers with top media brands in the publishing industry for more than 40 years. Our friendly and experienced team has the know-how and the means to help you create and implement a customized advertising campaign that encompasses effective multi-channel reach to your target audience.

We represent the advertising arm in leading print and digital media for national publishing groups spanning multiple markets. This diversity in representation allows advertisers to rely on Russell Johns, to cast an advertising net that captures your niche target group or mass general audience.

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As a trusted publishers representative, Russell Johns has been enhancing and developing advertising business strategies and furnishing solutions for publishers since 1968. We provide customized, full-service representation for your advertising sales, marketing, accounting and production services.

Our areas of experience and expertise range from traditional print advertising to integrated print and digital media packages resulting in maximized total revenue. Russell Johns also offers custom development services for publishers considering the addition or enhancement of an online job board or marketplace. Russell Johns is your complete solution for advertising management.

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