National & Regional Recruitment Advertising

Highly Targeted National & Regional Recruitment Advertising

Russell Johns represents leading publications and facilitates job board websites. We offer multiple National & Regional recruitment advertising services for employers and provide them with the ability to reach targeted audiences of professionals directly through industry associations, national publications,  online advertising, and more. With these tools at your disposal, you can stand out from your competitors and leverage your loyal readership to your advantage. 

Person on a tablet looking at Recruitment Advertising National & Regional Recruitment advertising opportunities

Career Center Recruitment Advertising Opportunities

Russell Johns also represents publication branded, online Career Centers  and job boards that reach targeted job seekers in both professional and specialized professions. There are a variety of options to list your current job openings on dedicated niche job board or advertise your company brand:

  • Post job opportunities with standard listings
  • Feature your job with an enhanced listing
  • Upgrade your entire account to Featured Employer status to receive exclusive benefits
  • Advertise your job opening or company with a web banner

Print Recruitment Job Board Advertising Opportunities

Russell Johns has been providing Job board Advertising and connecting employers and job seekers in print media since 1968. We represent a variety of print publications that contain dedicated sections of highly targeted employment advertising.

Connect with the most talented candidates and fill open positions with top-quality candidates. Connect with your audience on a easy to use platform. Create job listings, optimize their accounts, and even merge with print advertising for multi-channel promotion. 

 Our platform offers a variety of job posting options, including featured listings and employer upgrades, as well as banner advertising space. We also offer integrated print and online advertising packages, making it easy to promote your brand to your target audience.  You can  also utilize banner ads to showcase your products and services. By using our platform, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors and take advantage of your devoted readership.

National & Regional Recruitment Advertising And Job Board Services Online And In Print

We  also handle recruitment advertising services  for online classifieds in National publications as well:

Integrated Advertising

A practical and innovative solution to connect with your audience by offering an easy-to-use Career Center experience. You can select industry-specific or general job boards, which simplifies the process for your readers to post or search for job openings. This can help boost your brand’s reputation. Employers and recruiters can create job listings, optimize their accounts, and even merge with print advertising for multi-channel promotion. Combine print and digital job board services and opportunity advertising to maximize your reach and reduce your cost per channel. Contact a Russell Johns solution specialist today to determine the best strategy for reaching targeted job seekers.

Job Board Services for Associations

Become the go-to authority in your industry by providing a valuable service that brings benefits to both your audience and sponsors. See our turn-key job boards for associations and website publishers.