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My loyalty to Russell Johns and USA TODAY is a direct result of my complete satisfaction and long-time work relationship.
Chris Riehl
asa cORP.

Whether in print, online, mobile or tablet, USA TODAY impacts the decision-making of millions of people every day. 

We are the official Publisher’s representative for USA TODAY’s small space and digital advertising.

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Local, Regional and National


We will work with you to create multimedia campaigns that includes both digital and traditional media like direct response print advertising, and radio.

Our multi-level approach to advertising allows you to create and advertising campaign  that complements your business goals and scale to fit your needs.

Digital, Radio, Video, Print, and Press Releases.

Niche Market Advertising

Russell Johns Associates provides advertising opportunities by demographic and has been representing publishers of newspapers, magazines, journals, periodicals, and websites that reach various markets and allow you to advertise to a niche audience or by demographic effectively. Whether you have a business to sell, a job to fill, or a product/opportunity to promote, we can deliver your advertising message to the right target audience.

Public and Legal Notices

Public notice ads in Newspapers keep people informed about pertinent information that may affect the local community and how to participate in local community meetings, hearings, and judgments that are taking place.

We are experienced in writing and placing all types of public notices in newspapers across the country. Our team is able to quote, create and place your ad to save your team time and stress.

Publishers and Job Boards

Media & SaaS Sales

Russell Johns provides sales solutions tailored for media & SaaS (Software as a Service)  companies, spanning digital, print, and job board platforms. We function as an integrated part of your team, enabling you to streamline expenses and bolster revenue streams through our expertise in sales. By leveraging our services, you can minimize overheads and optimize your ROI.

With our versatile sales approach, you can craft a personalized strategy aligning with your business goals and aspirations.

National & Local

Recruitment Advertising

We offer multiple recruitment advertising services for employers and provide them with the ability to reach reputable audiences of professionals directly through industry associations, national publications, and online advertising. This targeted approach allows recruiters to reach their ideal candidate in less time. 

Russell Johns has been connecting and finding solutions for publishers and advertisers for more than 50 years. 

See your ads displayed prominently in airports, Starbucks or even grocery store check out stands! Hear your commercial on your local radio station or on Sirius XM or social media feed.

Combine print with our digital job board services to maximize your reach and reduce your cost per channel. We have direct relationships with both Professional publications like the American Dental Association as well as some of the most recognized publications in the world like USA TODAY. Target your specific demographic audiences through digital and traditional means.

“the ad that you and your team helped me put together was far better than I could have imagined. All of you have gone far and above what I expected, and I’m thrilled with the results."
Janet C Pipes

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