About The Journal of the American Dental Association

The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) is the official peer-reviewed publication of the American Dental Association (ADA). As the nation’s premier dental journal, This publication provides a source of information on dentistry and dental science and reaches a qualified average circulation of 146,920 practicing dentists, dental researchers and dental educators.

Yearly independent readership studies consistently rank JADA as the nation’s best-read dental journal. ADA members rank it among the most important benefits of Association membership. JADA is published monthly in print, online and via mobile Web application.

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Advertising in JADA

  • Recruitment Advertising
    Recruit dentists, dental specialists and dental professionals in JADA’s Classified Advertising section.
  • Dental Practices and Real Estate Opportunities Available
    List your dental practice or office for sale / lease.
  • Dental Products & Services Advertising
    Advertise dental equipment, supplies and professional services.
  • Continuing Education for Dentists
    Include an advertisement for dental continuing education and reach thousands of practicing dentists.
JADA Advertising
JADA’s Classified Advertising is the premier location for word and display advertising opportunities that reach a qualified circulation of dentists and dental professionals. Interested in maximizing your reach with other ADA classified advertising opportunities? Learn more about ADA CareerCenter online job board, ADA Marketplace online classifieds and ADA News print classifieds for recruitment, product, service and practice for sale advertising.   Learn more with these additional resources: JADA Website   |   ADA CareerCenter   |   ADA Marketplace   |   Tips on Creating Effective Advertisements