Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Studies show that while online advertising may be very readily available and inexpensive, it is hindered by one thing.  In fact, Print advertising in either Display Advertising or Classified line ads is better able to harness the power of emotion than digital advertising can.

While print advertising may not seem like it can hold up in today’s Digital age. It is important to note how memories are actually formed in the brain. Our emotions, or how we feel when we see an ad is the main component in our brains that gets a memory to “stick.”  

Person viewing Display Advertising on a phone


A persons ability to recall is actually better for ads that are viewed on printed materials.  Like Display or Classified Ads found in newspapers or magazines advertising versus digital screens. Because of this Newspaper and Magazine Advertising is still an effective way for businesses to advertise in either Classifieds or Display ads.  Studies are also showing the progression of digital fatigue within recent years  While Facebook is one of the main ways people get news online, social media is, in fact, one of the main areas that social media fatigue is starting to hit people hard,

Display advertising can offer you a diverse, affordable way to target almost any niche audience there is today. Including magazine display advertising as part of your campaign can help you increase the exposure of your brand. For more information or how to get started on your advertising campaign, please contact us