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Russell Johns specializes in helping advertisers reach niche audiences. We help local businesses create effective campaigns that take advantage of every local advertising opportunity. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced account specialists, who will help you create a campaign that complements your business strategy and marketing goals.

Radio Advertising Benefits

print and radio advertising

Radio reaches over 90% of Americans (Nielson 2019) with local, regional, or national advertising.


Cost effectively reach your target market with radio placed locally, regionally or nationally. With over 12,000 radio stations in the US alone, (AM/ FM & Satellite radio) Radio is everywhere. Print and Radio advertising makes is easy to be everywhere too.

Radio Advertising gives our client’s Consistent and Profitable returns on their media dollars. Go ahead, Get Started Now!

We can reach your next best customer!  We reach only those who are the most relevant to your bottom line for the lowest possible rates.

We provide the most cost effective, comprehensive, and advertising campaign on the market today! We will identify your target audience and put together a media package that will provide you with the consistent stream of leads that your business needs. 

We are experts at designing a powerful ad campaign that drives valuable leads to your phone or website.

Get started on your Print and Radio Campaign, drive valuable leads to your phone or website right away

Russell Johns People Media Background has foothold in this business stemming back in this industry for 25 years. We build marketing strategies that are 100 percent accountable to their results. We have the most unparalleled national print advertising network with more than 8,000 publications nationwide including daily and weekly, newspapers, magazines, trade publications and more. Our Relationships also extend to thousands of radio stations across the country including AM FM and Sirius Satellite Radio.

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Why Radio?

People who listen to radio are on the move, and are generally action takers. Calls produced from Radio campaigns are known to convert to paying customers at some of the highest levels in the industry. Radio puts your ad where people are when they are on the move and are most likely to buy. Radio advertising networks are a great way to blanket an area effectively without overspending.

Reach Your Targeted Audience with Cost effective and targeted radio advertising!

Local, Regional or National Radio

We have created unique low cost Radio Advertising Networks that let you purchase air time for pennies on the dollar for what you would pay somewhere else.  Since we pre-buy media sometimes up to two to three years in advance, we are able to bundle radio media and create discount packages in the any target area , in any format (AM, FM, Talk Radio and Satellite Radio) We pre-buy blocks of media and also have a vast network of relationships that give us “first look” at premium remnant inventory and standing “direct response advertising” rates at thousands of stations around the country to create the highest converting campaigns, Local, regional, national level. Cash buys or performance based radio advertising, for per–inquiry print advertising, or per inquiry radio advertising we have what it takes to give you the results you need.

Print Advertising Benefits

print and radio

Print Advertising

It just makes sense.

We provide the deepest discounts in premium and remnant print and radio advertising available on the market today on all types of advertising networks.

We will work with you to identify your exact target audience and put together a advertising network that will provide you with the platform to drive clients to your phone or website right away.

Performance Based nationwide print advertising campaigns are able to generate accountable results that deliver high converting leads to help your business grow.

Our magazine and newspaper advertising campaigns are placed based on the specific demographic needs of your business. Our advertising measurement system allows us to track and constantly tweak your ad placement so that it becomes more successful the longer it runs. Our advertising networks deliver results can even be translated into reliable Cost per call or cost per lead campaigns. Ask about Blended media Campaigns.

Combine your print campaign with Radio advertising.
Print & Radio has the largest inventory of National Newspaper Advertising space available.

Our Low CPM rates for nationwide newspaper advertising give our clients consistent profitable returns on their media dollars. We also have first look at premium remnant inventory and standing direct response rates (Dr Print advertising) at Thousands of Publications Nationwide.

Ask us about Direct Response Print Ads, print advertising Radio advertising , cost per lead Print Advertising. Discount Print Advertising, nationwide Newspaper advertising , online advertising, advertising networks , pay per lead pay per call


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