Print Advertising Solutions for Advertisers

Print Advertising Solutions For Advertisers

Russell Johns can help distribute your message and provide a effective source of print advertising solutions.

We specialize in offering small business solutions. We work with many well-known publications both online and off to reach a variety of audiences. 

Since 1968 Russell Johns has worked with Publishers and advertisers helping them navigate through various media opportunities to determine the best advertising outlet for your message, the most effective advertising schedule and the most efficient, budget-appropriate ad type. At Russell Johns, we take your message through the entire advertising process, from first contact to print-ready delivery.

man holding newspaper find out the incredible benefits of print advertising

Benefits Of Print Advertising

  • Focused audience – Print media readers are focused on content, less distracted and more likely to absorb your message.
  • Know your readership – Print advertising comes with data that lets you see who the publication’s readership is to determine if it’s the right audience for you.
  • Know your exposure level – Know your span of reach with circulation and readership statistics.
  • Creative content management – Maintain creative control on what your message says and how it is displayed.
  • Long shelf-life – Many readers keep publications for an extended period of time as reference materials or coffee table pieces.

Contact a Russell Johns advertising specialist to find out more about how we can help you stand out with your key audience and learn if integrated print and digital advertising is right for you or click here for a list of the magazines, journals, newspapers, tabloids and periodicals on our client list of publications.