Print Advertising

Print Advertising Opportunities For Advertisers

Print ads offer advertisers an excellent opportunity to ally with recognized, industry-respected special and general interest publications. Print ads also offer the most effective way to reach professional, special interest and lifestyle readers, or the huge mass audiences of general consumer magazines.

Classifieds / Special Section Advertising

Classified advertisements are usually located in the back of print publications, with consolidated marketplace sections. These ads can range from simple word listings to more attractive, graphically designed ads. Classified listings can supplement, or be a cost efficient alternative, to run of book advertisements. Traditionally, classifieds are a popular resource for those seeking out specific products, services or opportunities.

Run Of Book Print Advertising Opportunities

Any advertising within a publication that is not limited to a classified or marketplace type section, and that doesn’t allow you to choose where the ad is placed, is called “run of book.” This is an economical and very effective way to creatively distribute your message and interact with a publication’s audience.

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