Print Publications

“Strategically adding print advertising to your media campaign puts your message in front of the affluent niche audiences that are ideal for what you are offering.”

Reach Health Minded Individuals      

Men’s Fitness
Muscle & Fitness
Muscle & Fitness Hers

(Median age 37.4 HHI $79,227 Mens Fitness )

Reach an Affluent and Educated Audience Nationwide

Pop Culture

National Enquirer
National Examiner
Soap Opera Digest

(Median Age: 52.2 Average HHI: $63,534 Globe & Enquirer)

Reach an Affluent and High Income Audience

National News Publications

USA TODAY Sports Weekly

(Average HHI $84,000 Median age 25-54)

Digital Ad Space

Recruitment Websites

ADA CareerCenter (Dental Recruitment)
Family Medicine Careers (Medical Recruitment)
Fire Engineering CareerCenter (Fire Fighting Recruitment)

Online Classified Marketplaces

USA TODAY Online Classifieds (USA TODAY Online Classifieds)
National Enquirer Classifieds (National Enquirer Classifieds)
ADA Marketplace (Dental Marketplace)

E-Commerce Site

Gilt (Member’s Only Lifestyle Destination)

Buy Print Advertising and Reach an Affluent Niche Market Audience 

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