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Radio Advertising Benefits

radio advertising

Radio reaches over 90% of Americans (Nielson 2019) with local, regional, or national advertising. Start Your Radio Campaign Now!

People who listen to radio are on the move, and are generally action takers. Calls produced from Radio campaigns are known to convert to paying customers at some of the highest levels in the industry.  Radio puts your ad where people are when they are on the move and are most likely to buy. 


Reach 90% of Americans with Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising is highly Targetable and cost-effective

Which radio format does my audience listen to?

Radio is one of the most effective ways to guarantee that your target audience will hear your message. The very nature of radio is set up so that each station focuses on reaching specific demographics and market segments. 

Advertise on the radio while monitoring each step of your campaign.

No matter what demographic you are trying to target, there is a radio station that is formatted to reach that exact audience.

Radio is not just in your car anymore.  No matter if they are at home, the office, or commuting in between Radio brings your message to wherever they are. Advertisers like Radio because it is an intimate way to reach your audience wherever they are.

National, regional, and local radio advertising is an effective and fast way to get your phones ringing or bring in new leads to your website right away.

Every demographic naturally prefers certain types of music over the others. Each radio station format chooses their on-air personality, the mix of music, and the products they tend to advertise to best fit the listening audience. 

Direct access to top-quality media on the market today. Our campaigns are consistent and scalable to meet your needs.

Our experience helps us create consistently profitable campaigns for our clients. 

  • Teens 12-17 – Primarily Top 40, Urban, Alternative
  • Adults 18-24 – Top 40, Alternative, Urban preference
  • Adults 25-34 – Alternative, Rock, Top 40, Urban, Adult Contemporary
  • Adults 35-44 – Rock, Adult Contemporary
  • Adults 45-54 – Oldies, Adult Contemporary
  • Adults 55-64 – Classical, New Adult Contemporary
  • Adults 65+ – Adult Standards, Classical, News Talk

How often should my radio commercial run?

With Radio advertising, typically, the more frequency, the better your response will be. However, most small businesses do not have unlimited dollars to throw at their advertising budget. 

In order to keep your ad spend low, we strategically place your spots using a mix of prime time and remnant advertising so that you get the frequency and coverage that you need.  

Studies show that allowing your audience to hear your message multiple times is the best way to help them internalize and remember your brand so that they are familiar with it when they need your service and are ready to buy. 


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