Print Circulation  at a Glance

USA Today   895, 464  average M-F , 1 million average Friday

USA Today + Local Edition   2.4 million average M-F

USA TODAY Network Community Market 

2.4 Million Average Daily , 4.8 million average Sunday.

USA TODAY Digital Advertising 

Websites have 85.5 million unique visitors monthly.

Sources: AAM Consolidated Media Quarterly Report Q3 2016

USA TODAY Advertising

USA Today Marketplace reaches an affluent audience of active consumers. USA TODAY is one of the nation’s leading newspapers in readership  and a and has an average circulation of 895,464 USA TODAY provides dynamic news that is colorful and riveting.  USA Today provides its audience with the news they can use.  How, when, and where they want it! Breaking down complex issues with visual storytelling and a uniquely personal focus.

Print Readership at a Glance

USA Today Network Community Markets

Reaches 5.5million average readers daily and reaching 12.3 million average readers on Sunday .

USA Today +USA Today Local Edition  

Reaches 7.3 million average M-F, 9.5 million average Sunday/Weekend Edition

USA Today Readers are an affluent and loyal audience of individuals who are active consumers. Reach national and even international readers with your advertisement for products, services, gifts, real estate and more.

USA Today Print Readers are 

High Earning!  56.5% make 83,699k or more per year

Have Children!  37.3%

Employed ! 70.6 %

College Educated!  65.5%

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USA TODAY Demographics

Advertising in USA TODAY

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USA TODAY offers advertising in any combination of 24 print markets.

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