QR Codes

QR Codes

Strategic use of QR codes can be included in Classified ads, Display ads, printed mailers, and flyers that are sent in the mail. How to effectively place advertising using QR codes

How Can Russell Johns Help with placing advertising using QR Codes in my Campaign?

Russell Johns can help you plan and execute a creative advertising campaign that leverages the benefits. Our team will review your ad and help you determine the best call-to-action to effectively integrate a QR code into your campaign, enhance the reader’s experience and help you gain more responses.

Why place advertising using QR codes?

A QR code can be placed anywhere to tie advertising channels together and to encourage direct response. Use a QR code in a print advertisement to direct visitors online or place a QR code in your online banner to have web browsers save your contact information on their phone. However, you choose to use a QR code, remember that the keys to success with QR codes are to provide added value for the reader or make responding to your campaign easier.

How Can Placing Advertising using QR Codes Help My Business?

QR Codes are commonly included in advertisements and direct mail pieces to connect print promotions to digital content. Here is some information on how you can place advertising using QR codes. 

  • Advertising a job opening? Add a QR Code and send interested readers directly to the application screen of your online job listing.
  • Advertising a product? Add a QR code that allows interested readers to “buy now”.
  • Have a display ad that doesn’t fit everything you want to say? Add a QR Code and easily send readers directly to your website to learn more.
  • Advertising an event? Add a QR code that allows interested readers to automatically add the event to their calendar.
  • Are you trying to sell a product that cannot adequately be promoted with words and a photo? Add a QR Code to a video demonstration.

A QR Code is a great way to interact with your target audience and get them to take action. Contact our advertising specialists to integrate a QR code today.

Getting Started Placing Advertising using QR Codes

Here are a few good resources where you can start creating your QR codes:

To read the QR codes, you will need a smartphone. Go to the app store marketplace on your phone and download a QR code reader. Here are a few good ones to try out:

  • Google Goggles
  • QuickMark (iPhone)
  • Optiscan (iPhone)
  • QR Droid (Android)
  • Barcode Scanner (Android)

How to Place QR Codes In Advertising

Below are a few examples of QR codes used in mainstream advertising:

place advertising using QR codes in my campaign
where to place advertising using QR codes in my campaign

Target used QR Codes to send readers to tutorials on decorating with their exclusive home collection. *

place advertising using qr codes in my print campaign

eBay used this example to send viewers directly to their mobile auction website. **

The American Red Cross used QR Codes to send readers directly to a donation form webpage. ***

Contact a Russell Johns advertising specialist today to learn more about how a QR Code can enhance your marketing goals.

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