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Media Sales RepresentationMCA Russell Johns

Media Sales Representation since 1968

Russell Johns has provided media sales representation for consumer, professional and newspaper publications and online advertising media since 1968.

MCA-RJA specializes in both consumer and professional advertising and has advanced expertise in recruitment, legal and immigration advertising.  We act as the direct sales team for many association job boards and publications. From traditional print advertising to cutting edge digital technologies, we continually evolve and offer fresh, innovative opportunities to supplement your business growth.

We specialize in helping businesses grow through niche market print advertising campaigns that allow them to increase their ROI and brand image. Print Advertising allows marketers to strategically hone in on their target audience in a medium that is both affordable to them while targeting an educated and affluent audience.  Advertisers work with one point of contact, an advertising specialist, who navigates the entire process of advertising working alongside MCA Russell Johns accounting, marketing and production experts. We specialize in Recruitment Advertising Services for Industry Associations,  Job Boards and Publishers

With our National Media Buying Power, we create turn-key campaigns around each targeted location, giving local stores the same buying power as national chains.

We specialize in placing:

• Localized Print • Localized Radio
• Localized TV • Localized Digital & Content Marketing


Mission, Vision.

MCA Russell Johns’ Mission is to connect publishers and advertisers in the evolving world of digital and print media.

MCA Russell Johns’ Vision is to be an irreplaceable resource to publishers and advertisers.

MCA Russell Johns makes advertising easy.

Contact us to see how we can work together to bring your advertising blueprint to life.

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MCA is a full-service media buyer that generates money-making media plans in all mediums. We secure the best rates and integrate added value components for additional exposure. We are experts at evaluating the productivity of an advertising campaign across all types of platforms. We specialize in Recruitment Services,  Labor Certification Advertising, PERM Advertising, and Public Notice services.

COVID-19 Update

Here at MCA-Russell Johns, we’re committed to an evidence-led and common-sense approach to the coronavirus outbreak. Like all of you, we’re monitoring the impact of this closely. We wanted to reassure you that we have business continuity plans in place to make sure we can continue to provide high levels of service and support you expect from us.