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This publication is written for healthier lifestyle enthusiasts. It provides the advanced tools necessary to help achieve more specific, nuanced goals. Readers are exposed to proper diets, workouts, supplements and how a balanced nutritional diet really works.

Muscle and Fitness Hers is read by and affluent and educated reader who is dedicated to fitness and sees it as a way of life.  She wants to continue to get stronger, faster than yesterday and is always looking to achieve her best self. She craves information about proper diet, balanced nutrition, and supplementation, and approaches her workout with an athlete’s strength, focus and determination.

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Reader Profile At A Glance​

Female readers: 100%

Median age: 36   years

Median HHI: $66,864

Take sports nutrition supplements 75%

Spend 25-100 per month on supplements  91%

Interested in coverage of figure/fitness/bikini competitions 72%

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