Magazine Display Advertising shows to have a reduced risk of Advertising Fatigue and reaches over 90% of Americans.

You might think that there are very few people left who actually spend time flipping through magazines on a regular basis. This isn’t true at all. Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Currently, print readers span all types of generations, interests, professions, regions, and more.  Magazine display advertising can offer you a diverse affordable way to target almost any niche audience there is today. Buying magazine display advertising as part of your campaign can help you increase the exposure of your brand. 

Why do advertisers buy magazine display advertising?

Magazine Display Advertising reaches over 90% of adults over 25

At one point people assumed that digital magazines and newspapers would take off and then everything else would fade off into the background. No one imagined that digital newspapers and magazines would struggle for a number of years and never quite get off the ground.  Astoundingly, the print editions of not only magazines, but also newspapers, and even books are doing better than their digital counterparts, and not just doing better,  much better.  Many even tried to claim that for sure digital natives would prefer the online version, but still, that just has not been the case Studies show that  91% of U.S. adults ( over 25 )  read print magazines ( 95% of U.S. adults under 25 read print magazines (

Magazine Display advertising can actually be very valuable to any campaign. The advantages of magazine display advertising are actually pretty great. This means that no matter what your target demographic it, there is most likely a magazine that caters to them specifically, and those who do subscribe and read magazines, do so fairly regularly.

Person looking at a Magazine Advertisement Magazine Display Advertising


Magazine Advertising shows to have a reduced risk of Advertising Fatigue

Studies are also showing the progression of digital fatigue within recent years  While Facebook is one of the main ways people get news online, social media is, in fact, one of the main areas that social media fatigue is starting to hit people hard, even when the amount of dollars spent on digital advertising is going up.  Printed media such as Magazines, Newspapers, and Direct Response Mail pieces in contrast to digital media are typically viewed by a person at a set time of day when they are a willing participant for viewing articles and advertisements that they see. This important factor alone creates a more tuned-in audience versus a distracted audience that you most often get with online and even radio ads where the advertisement may have to compete for the attention of the viewer.

By adding elements to your ad that convey different textures, shapes, and colors you are able to create a more visually compelling ad that resonates with the viewer.  Attributes that ad texture, weight shape, and interesting colors are all great ways to create an ad that is visually enticing. Adding tactile components can be extremely complex or very simple.

Magazine Advertising shows a  higher likelihood of recall than online Ads

Tactile elements draw the focus in and compel the reader to look and touch is a key way to increase the response rate. Studies show that because the ability to physically touch an ad increases the likelihood that a person may purchase as well as an increase in confidence, satisfaction, and reliability. Interestingly enough this is a contradictory trend that could predict a huge level of advertising burnout, This rings especially true when taking into consideration the recent push from advertisers to only want to pay for ads that are viewable.

You might be saying, but magazines used to be so thick? And now they aren’t? Why?  The answer to that is because there are fewer ads. Fewer ads equal a thinner magazine. Thinner magazines do not mean that no one will see your ad.  While all of the hoopla has drawn attention towards digital marketing it doesn’t mean that everything else has disappeared.

In reality, there’s no reason that any form of media needs to disappear, they all just need to work to produce better content. People are now much more informed than they have ever been. News is extremely accessible. Advertising is not dead, it’s just highly critiqued. Consumers now seek to be informed vs sold. This can be a benefit for you in that you can secure a great spot for your ad and hopefully a lower CPM because the majority of advertisers are busy trying to find 100% view-ability ad guarantees for their online campaigns.

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