Place a Request for Proposal of Advertising

woman smiling at desk place a request for proposal

A request for proposal (RFP) is commonly used to obtain the best price when businesses are looking at several different agencies to get the best price on their advertising. An RFP Is a business document that announces a project and describes the campaign’s needs, which includes regions to be covered, media they would like to […]

Advertise Internationally and in the United States

Digital Advertising to help advertisers advertise internationally or within the United States

These days companies rarely only advertise in one location. Often they are looking to expand their reach across an entire nation. Or even looking to advertise internationally and in the United States Even with data-targeted campaigns, it is still difficult to precisely target a specific area or audience. Regardless of what anyone thinks, Machines can […]

Newspaper and Magazine Advertising is still an effective way for businesses to Advertise.

newspaper and magazine advertising

Studies show that while online advertising may be very readily available and inexpensive it is hindered by one thing.  A persons ability to recall is actually better for ads that are viewed on printed materials.  Like newspaper advertising or magazines versus digital screens. Because of this Newspaper and Magazine Advertising is still an effective way […]

Local Newspaper Readers Actively looking for Advertising

Local Newspaper readers actively looking for advertising

In 2015 comscore surveyed 5,000 consumers in the pulse online shopper survey and 93% of shoppers say they prefer local and small retailers. Per research survey taken between July and August 2014 determined that the Local Newspaper was the highest source of news for most people. This is especially promising news for advertisers. In the […]

Key Benefits of Print Advertising for Targeting a Niche Audience

editorials in stacks to detail the benefits of print advertising for targeting niche audiences

The competition in the advertising world is huge. There are so many choices between how, when, and where to advertise. Here are some of the key benefits of print advertising for targeting niche audiences.  In many cases, it is much more effective to focus on a niche audience versus a broad general audience. This is […]

Advertising Opportunities for Small Businesses

Small Business advertising opportunities

In advertising you speak to many people that  have  “no budget” for advertising.  This  also meant they assumed they had no options for budget friendly small business advertising opportunities. As well as no real understanding of exactly what they needed or could be doing with the type of budget they actually did have.  Most of […]

Magazine Advertising produces Highest Return on Investment

buy magazine advertising

Marketers are quick to disregard print advertising. However, more and more studies are determining that print advertising in magazines and newspapers can have many benefits for your campaigns. Multiple studies done in recent years are consistently showing that it is important for marketers to buy magazine advertising because it is is not only viewed positively […]

Advertising your Franchise Opportunity with Print Advertising

No matter what industry you are in, advertising your franchise opportunity, and letting your audience know about your brand and what makes your opportunity stand out from the rest is a big deal. For most franchise owners branding and knowing available opportunities to market, your franchise opportunity seems to be one of the biggest challenges […]

5 Common Display Advertising Mistakes

improve your display advertising campaign

Here is a list of some of the most frequent mistakes that we come across in display advertising. Misunderstood target audience It never hurts to take a moment to stop and think about who you are speaking to and what that demographics values are. We may not realize it but speaking the right “ language” […]

Employment Advertising Agency and Job Board Advertising Sales Services

Employment Advertising Agency and Job Board Advertising Sales Services

While there may be competing job boards in your marketplace, they are missing one important competitive advantage. An employment advertising agency trained to understand the power of your brand coupled with your dedicated, established readership. An employment advertising agency and job board advertising sales service can help your association generate revenue. Or increase current income […]