Advertising Sales Management

As a full-service advertising representative firm, Russell Johns provides tailored advertising sales management solutions for print and online advertising sales for publishers.

We have experience with and bring expertise to run-of-book, directory and sales management for both traditional and modern media venues. Seamlessly integrated creation, support, and accounting services. Russell Johns’ broad, custom and growing database of prospects and advertisers ensures a full pipeline of targeted sales leads. This extensive database is used to distribute custom marketing campaigns that promote your brand and advertising opportunities.

Russell Johns is also well versed in multi-faceted online advertising sales and development including banner advertising and classified ad listings. For publishers with both print and digital advertising media options, we can design multi-channel advertising packages to promote cross-platform sales.

We take the time to get to know and understand your products and audience.

We are an extension of your company and are invested in your continued success. Russell Johns’ business process is superior to other representative firms because we work above the status quo. To ensure optimal sales success we:


We can perform a competitive analysis to review your publication’s standing within your industry and create a detailed plan of recommendations to enhance your advertising business strategy.


We will dedicate the time to understanding your publication and business objectives through internal education initiatives.

 We will dedicate a team of sales, management, production, accounting and marketing professionals who are committed to your ongoing success.


We use an advanced CRM database focused on tracking communications and account history.

  Our marketing department works closely with our sales division to promote your advertising products.


Our sales and production departments are closely aligned in creating customized display advertisements, print-ready pages and post-ready web banners.

Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions for print advertising representation.