Journal of American College of Surgeons


Journal of American College of Surgeons (JACS) is a monthly peer-reviewed general surgery journal. The journal is edited by practicing surgeons and contains materials of interest to general surgeons, surgical specialists and other doctors who do surgery. The original articles cover general surgery and the surgical specialties (83%) and experimental surgery (17%). Specialty articles are selected on the basis of their application to the broad range of surgical problems in addition to specialty interest. Special features include: Collective Reviews, Book Reviews, Editorials, and The Surgeon at Work.

Advertising In Journal Of American College Of Surgeons

Advertising Information

Products or services eligible for advertising shall be relevant to, effective in, and useful in the practice of surgery, surgery education, and health care delivery and commercially available.

The Journal of American College of Surgeons accepts advertising for Books, Journals, Audio Tapes, Video Tapes, Research Materials as well as devices and instruments or products intended for Preventative, Diagnostic, or Therapeutic Purposes.

Miscellaneous products and services that lie outside these guidelines may be accepted for publication if they are approved by the Publisher. Scientific and technical data concerning the safety of a product may be required for review prior to acceptance of advertising. Advertisements for CME activities must comply with the ACCME requirements for advertising.