Digital Advertising Opportunities

Digital Advertising Opportunities For Advertisers

A successful marketing plan includes a combination of powerful media components.

Advertisers can combine online and traditional print media to reach their target market in a variety of forums. To maximize audience reach across all reader media preferences, a savvy advertiser “gets involved” with a target audience by creating and building an “online digital network.” Russell Johns can help you create effective digital advertising opportunities in the following online formats:

Publication Site Banner Advertising

From leader boards to skyscrapers, many of our publishers offer various advertising space options on their official publication websites. In addition, all Russell Johns-operated job boards and classified advertising websites offer multiple types of targeted digital banner advertising options and other online advertising opportunities.

CareerCenter Banner Advertising And Job Listings

Post your open career opportunities, advertise your recruitment services, promote your brand and more to job seekers, employers or both on Russell Johns-operated CareerCenters.

E-Newsletter Banner Advertising

Many of our publishers routinely distribute free e-newsletters to their readers to promote interaction and drive traffic to their websites. Banner advertising in any of these highly targeted digital newsletters effectively reaches countless interested and motivated consumers.

Online Classified Listings

Advertisers benefit from digital classified listings where countless millions of marketplace shoppers every day take advantage of the most convenient and effective way to find the products and services they’re searching for.

QR Codes

QR codes link print media and online webpages to seamlessly integrate your marketing efforts into one cohesive campaign.

Contact Russell Johns to learn more about our many digital advertising options. Russell Johns offers online advertising through the following publications and online website properties: