Experienced Media Sales Agency For Digital and Traditional Media

Are you a Media outlet like Radio Station, Print publication or another type of Media that is looking to outhouse their sales? We are an experience media sales agency and we are looking to add to our portfolio and want to include you! Niche media outlets like local radio stations, small newspapers and magazines have always been our best friend and we know that in today’s market they have a Big time advantage because they are the ones with the real experience and skills to bring you the news, music and media that matters to your audiences. We are with you and are passionate about your brand We are an experienced sales agency that is established in the advertising and publishing world and we want to hear from you right now about how we can make your publication the best that it can possibly be. 

We are an experience Media Sales Representation Agency that has worked with all types of media nationwide. The more you love your Niche or hometown the more we will too!

Our experienced sales team is eager to sell your products for you all we need you to do is reach out and email ALEX CLEVENGER at sales@russelljohns.com with a detailed description of your publication and Target audience as well as the location of the United States. We care about traditional media. We care about journalism, we care your getting the word out that there is hope for all types of advertising going forward. 

Local and niche media outlets like radio stations up and coming niche newspaper and emerging magazines appeal to a built-in group of readers that are focused on the detailed information that only those publications can provide. Niche publications are on topic with what their industry needs to hear about right now and they want to deliver.

The best way to reach any audience is to focus specifically on that group and on their values and needs as an individual. This is crucial in that younger generations have been made to feel like they are the center of attention.

Russell Johns Associates, a publisher representative recruitment advertising sales agency firm that was established in 1968 has played a vital part of enhancing and developing advertising business strategies and furnishing solutions for publishers since 1968. Russell Johns Represents several Professional publications they also act as a full-service CareerCenter and  Job Board Service for recruitment ads.  For more information on the Publisher Representative Agency and  Advertising Sales Agency utilized by Russell Johns or our sister Agency My Classified Ads

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