How to effectively Recruit Gen Z and Millennial employees into the workforce

Businesses are scrambling to try and figure out how to effectively recruit Gen Z and millennial’s into the workforce. For the last year people have been immersed in all things online. This is especially true for younger generations like Millennials and Generations Z

But what they really want is connection. Even all the biggest celebrities are clamoring to reach regular people. Nothing makes people feel more connected than good old fashion interaction. Printed advertising is especially easy to hand to another individual. While it may seem like the future is digital.In many ways we are going back to basics. Networking in person AND online is the best way to move forward in the new digital landscape. Marketing, like people will mostly take similar trajectories in that essential jobs are still the backbone of our economy.

This means that traditional media will continue and always be an essential component of the modern advertising landscape. To effectively recruit gen z and millennial’s it is important for businesses to still incorporate print advertising into their campaign.

All types of traditional media like Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and displays will continue to mammoth digital regardless of the monopoly that it seems to have now. Many niche publications have actually taken off recently. The pandemic was the perfect opportunity for people to pick up a good book. Despite the belief that people should be advertising online. No matter what, good old fashion hard work and initiative will always lead the way over the flash and pizzazz for the most part it may prove to be a novelty item that is a flash in the pan substitute for good old fashion face to face connection.

It is important to appeal to values when to effectively Recruit Gen Z and Millennial’s

In order to recruit this valuable generation into your business and places of employment it is important to demonstrate that you care about what is important to Them. this means showing them that you care about their safety, wellbeing, and happiness, as well as about their opinions. This might seem like a stretch for employers who are in other generations but in fact younger generations just want the same things everyone else does they just have not been given the same opportunities to showcase their modern talents.

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