How to place Radio Commercials

A common question is how to place radio commercial’s as well as other types of media in a way that they will reach the correct target audience as well as deliver enough response to deliver a return on investment. Here are some good rules to follow in understanding how to place radio commercials.

How to place Radio Commercials

What radio station should I run my ads on?

Each radio station within your market will target specific demographics and market segments You will want to keep this in mind when you are trying to determine what radio stations you should run your ads on. You can usually determine what audience a station targets by the type of programming that it runs.

How do I determine a stations programming?

The radio station’s programming includes the type of music being played,

the on-air personality,

and what time of day your advertising will run.

Does the station’s rating even matter?

The answer to this questions depends on who you ask. If your goal is a national radio and to reach the most people possible then you may want to go with a station that has a high rating and a large active listening group.

If however, you are looking to reach a smaller more specific group it’s probably going to be OK for your to go with a station that has a lower rating but caters to a specif niche audience or demographic.

How do I know what Radio stations my audience listens too?

Top 40, Urban, Alternative primarily Teens 12-17
Top 40, Alternative, Urban preference mostly Adults 18-24
Alternative, Rock, Top 40, Urban, Adult Contemporary Adults 25-34Rock, Adult Contemporary primary listeners are Adults 35-44
Oldies, Adult Contemporary Adults 45-54
Classical, New Adult Contemporary Adults 55-64
Adult Standards, Classical, News Talk primary audience Adults 65+

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