Advertising Sales Agency

Russell Johns Associates represents a variety of entertainment, news, and trade publications across the United States. Since 1968 we have been a reputable Publisher Representative Agency. Our expertise spans consumer, professional newspaper, magazine publications, digital advertising, and more. Russell Johns Associates has been creating successful matches between publishers and advertisers since 1968.

Advertising Sales Agency Services

Having an Advertising Sales Agency handle the media ad sales for your publication can free up valuable time and resources. These resources can be better spent elsewhere. We handle a variety of tasks for our clients. Including sales, billing and also have extensive experience with run-of-book and more. 

We take care of creation and support for both traditional print advertising sales to cutting-edge digital technologies. In addition we also have a full service creative team . They can handle the development banner advertising and classified ad listings. As well as the design of multi-channel advertising packages to promote cross-platform sales.

Career Center Recruitment Advertising Opportunities

We work with publications and facilitate job board websites that offer multiple recruitment advertising opportunities and provides a targeted audience reach to professional individuals in multiple fields. These job board websites reach targeted job seekers in both professional and specialized professions.

Our publications are branded, online career centers and job boards allow employers and professional publications to list job openings on dedicated niche job boards that appeal to other professionals in their field.

Since 1968 we have played a vital part in enhancing and developing advertising business strategies and furnishing solutions for publishers. 

Our priority is working hard on our craft and making sure that we take the time to build our expertise. This means keeping our eyes open to what is going outside of our industry. We have been keeping our ears to the pavement this whole time and want to know that all of our publishers, whether they are traditional or digital. 

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