What is an Empathy Point?

Empathy is our ability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and consider how we might feel if we were in their position with out pitying them.

Empathy Point + Pain Point = Brand Forward Thinking for a Post pandemic world

How Can my brand think Forward with Empathy?

A Empathy Point is a point of shared connection between the Businesses Values and the Values of the audience or Customer and our shared commonality. This means paying attention to the fact that we are all human and in this world together. This means putting a bigger emphasis on things that promote the positive wellbeing of others. This could also mean promoting and causes like well being , climate change, and lifting people up and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

what is a empathy point?

Why is this Important to me?

Empathy in your messaging shows your audience that you care them as well as their safety, wellbeing, and happiness.

Traditionally It has always important to consider pain points of your audience and build your product or campaign from there. On the other hand a empathy point the ultimate goal is the overall satisfaction of the consumer. Business owners are making decisions about what expenses are absolutely necessary. As well as what costs can be cut. All while trying to strategize and network amongst themselves. This means that both consumers and businesses are not looking to be spending 1 cent more than they need to.

2020 changed everything and it doesn’t matter what industry you are in you probably had to pivot many times over the last year to make and keep the train going. In 2020 most businesses had to strategize to keep running. For businesses that already had a strong virtual presence this may have meant the upheaval was not that bad. But for the majority of industries the loss was catastrophic. When you include empathy as part of your messaging you are more likely to appeal to a common ground between you and your audience.

How can I add empathy points to my Advertising and Marketing strategy?

Adding Empathy Points is a place in your marketing strategy that focuses on how you can induce a caring and support tone into your marketing strategy. While you might be thinking that you’ve always done that, Great. Currently industries across every sector are strategizing and shifting the focus of their messaging. to a more empathetic tone. Businesses are trying to promote compassion toward other people.

This means that everyone no matter what type of business they are in must be working to support future generations and building the little guy up.

You can discover points of empathy by evaluating your current brand values and determining what platforms your business already supports. Once you have determined your platform begin building your messaging around those specific causes. Supporting a cause helps your business in the long run because it connects you with targeted niche audience. Targeted audiences help grow and network because they creates automatic business flow toward your business.

Why is this ?

The last year literally taught everyone to focus on what is essential. This might have meant a whole bunch of things to people pre march 2020. Now it means something completely different pared down and streamlined approach to nearly everything.

As businesses shift their models towards one that support both in office and work as home positions. Brands will also be shifting their focus to developing attitudes and products that support these new ways of life as well. By encouraging brand forward thinking that is adaptable to support the growing needs of the other is how businesses will grow the fastest. Health care, Mental Health Fitness and wellness businesses all saw huge growth which will more than likely continue. For some groups of people social media has fallen off their radar as they are primed and ready to begin getting out and start traveling again. Or are taking a break for their mental health.

Touch Points: Creating more room for connection

Many industries, including medical, real estate, recruitment, and more, have lost opportunities to interact with their audience in person, and transitioned to almost entirely virtual interactions. Because of lost in-person interactions, they now have fewer. Look for opportunities to inform and present value to your audience, while increasing low-cost advertising opportunities. It is important for brands in all industries to consider where they fit in the new way doing business as it extends on and offline.

What Now?

Traditional media will continue and always be an essential component of the modern advertising landscape. This is true even of younger generations like gen z and millennial’s. In fact many niche publications have taken off recently during the pandemic. Even despite the belief that people should be advertising online.

No matter what, good old fashion hard work and initiative will always lead the way over the flash and pizzazz. A a novelty item that is a flash in the pan is never a true substitute for good old fashion face to face connection.

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