How can I incorporate Climate Change into my Advertising Strategy ?

How Can I Incorporate Climate Change into my Advertising Strategy

Traditionally it has always important to consider the pain points of your audience and build your messaging from there. Incorporating Climate change into your advertising is important because Climate Change is a pain in everyone’s arse mmmkay… It doesn’t matter what industry you are in 2020 probably made your business have to pivot many times over the last year to keep the train going. Incorporating climate change into your advertising strategy makes sense from every angle.

For Businesses that already had a strong virtual presence, incorporate climate change into their advertising strategy isn’t really that complicated. 2020 already caused many businesses to consider places where they could cut back as the first part of 2020 sent the the majority of industries for a ride. The pandemic has lead to a complete revision on the way businesses are crafting their messaging into the future. Incorporating climate change and how your business model focuses on promoting a green environment shows your audience that you understand that nothing matters more than the future. 

Photo Cred Jay’s Green Team of Tampa Florida
Jay’s Green Team is a grassroots, community initiative led by Jay Magner in an effort to create greater awareness about the environmental issues facing Tampa Bay.

Why Should I incorporate climate into my Advertising messaging ?

Climate Change is more important than ever and people know this. This means that incorporating climate change into advertising is a no brainer. The pandemic has caused brands all over the globe to shift their focus away from previous money-hungry strategies and toward words and phrases that are more empathetic and geared around creating a point of shared connection between the Brand’s Values and the Values of the audience that are inherent to the customer.

This is where climate change comes in. Climate changes benefits everyone and the value is inherent to us all right away this means that including it as part of your marketing strategy is just an easy win. In addition incorporating products that further along this easy win like the Hemp and marijuana industries that make business more eco-conscious already. Marijuana is no longer a dirty word it’s inherently green and eco. Letting people know that you are conscious of your shared values help you define your marketing strategy around cared causes and move towards a common good for all.

What messaging should I include in my advertising to incorporate Climate Change as part of my marketing strategy and to make sure that people understand our business is eco friendly?

Let your audience know what behaviors and habits that your business regularly partakes in that promotes a more healthy society. This could include what aspects of your business are digital and what ways you work to maximize existing in house resources or how you outsource to reduce global emissions over all.

What Else can I personally Do to protect the Ozone

  1. Reduce Consumption of gases that are dangerous to the ozone.
  2. Because of their content or manufacturing process gases can become dangerous CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), halogenated hydrocarbon, methyl bromide and nitrous oxide.
  3. Use your car less and your feet more !
  4. Self Powered transportation like bicycle, walking or even a horse causes less pollution than a car! If you must drive try and carpool.
  5. Use natural cleaning products lots of cleaning products contain solvents and substances that are corrosive. but using products like vinegar are great less dangerous replacements  
  6. Buy local products. In this way, you not only get fresh products but you avoid consuming food that has traveled long distances. As the more distance traveled, the more nitrous oxide is produced due to the medium used to transport that product.
  7. Take Care of your Indoor air when your AC begins to malfunction they can cause CFC to escape into the atmosphere.

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