Job Board Advertising offers Branding Potential for Small Businesses

Aside from the obvious reasons, placing a listing for your open position on job boards offers small business owners more than just the opportunity to potentially finding yourself a great employee.  In fact, job board advertising allows you a unique branding opportunity that you might not otherwise have if you are a small business. Your business brand is the outward representation of your company and placing your business listing on a  job board offers you a unique venue to promote your companies image by creating consistency in your job posts. Sticking to one look for all types of correspondences from Websites, to letterhead is key in helping your business not only stand out but also be remembered and recognized. Highly sought after jobs in the professional industry have additional challenges in trying to make their job stand out from the rest so that they are appealing enough to attract the best talent to their organization. Finding the right talent starts by bringing the inside culture of the company out into the open.  Job board advertising offers the ability to actively create emotional connections and offer insight into the company culture and atmosphere by showing what makes your company stand out from your competitors. Without offering up what makes your opportunity unique it is unlikely it will stand out. Kimberly Ridgeway a Senior media Sales associate who has worked directly with professional boards like the ADA Career Center,  and  USA Today which each offer recruitment advertising and professional industry employment “ Not many of my clients realize the potential that Job boards have to help them brand their business to the community. I let them know that it is important to keep it simple and consistent, but also to share something special that makes their practice more unique than the others. Not many smaller companies think about branding but when you are trying to find talent, it’s the most important thing.” Chris Biehl of  ASA Corporation is a long time client of Kim’s that appreciates the time she takes to make sure ads meet their full potential. ” My loyalty to MCA-Russell Johns recruitment, and U.S.A. Today publication is a direct result of my complete satisfaction and long time work relationship with Kim. As a result, our advertising has been nothing less than ‘Blue Sky‘ success.  

3 key elements to getting your job board listing to work for your brand image.

Consistency –  Use the same font and color scheme for everything you do, this means that you want it to remain the same from your email signature to your listing on the job board.  Consistency makes a business easy to recognize and recall. An unrecognizable brand is soon forgotten. Appeal – In an industry where the job opportunities are very similar allowing applicants the ability to see more than just a paycheck is a key component in recruiting top-notch talent to help your business grow. Community – businesses that have the most active presence both on job boards and social media are more easily recognized by their community. An ongoing active presence on job boards creates repetition which ultimately helps your business become more memorable and likable.

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