Place a RFP for Display Advertising

Agencies frequently use RFPs for display advertising to collect information from prospective agencies, and this takes place during the planning stage. During this time, they will outline the breadth of the campaign, price, potential publications, and media sources before creating partnerships with agencies. 

RFPs generally vary in length. This can range from only a few specifications to a dozen or so specific sets of criteria. They may also want to ask for a portfolio of work. Doing so helps them to understand how an agency works.

Without the necessary information, it is unlikely that the agencies receiving the RFP will have all the information they need to respond. It is important to include all of the necessary information that gives the agency a good understanding of how to precisely fits your advertising needs.  

Even though an advertising agency does not work in your home office, it can be beneficial to think of them as part of your team. Although Requests for proposals do vary in length, they typically include several questions for an agency to help them get a better idea of what it would be like to work with them. This may include a variety of questions in some cases, only a few too many specific sets for more complicated and large campaigns.

At a minimum, your RFP for display advertising should include the answers to these questions. 

Who is your target audience? Define who is most likely to benefit from your service or product. This includes where they live and lifestyle factors such as age, interests, and or income. For niche industries, the most specific you can be the better. 

Who are your competitors doing a little bit of research about your industry and who are your biggest competitors is one of the easiest way to figure out where your ads should be seen and what you can improve on.

What are your campaign goals? time frame and return on investment from past campaigns as well as challenges you have faced previously with your marketing are key things to include in this section of your RFP for Display advertising.

What is your budget? While it may be tempting to leave this portion blank, it is the most crucial information to provide. Without an idea of your campaign budget, it is very difficult for agencies to plan a healthy campaign to meet your needs and hit your target return on investment. 

For over 50 years, we have been building our relationships and working directly with publishers all across the United States. We can save you time and money when you place a request for a proposal with us.

We are unbeatable in our ability to provide Nationwide exposure that includes online placement of your ads. We can also provide affidavits and any tear sheets that you need once your ads have run. 

Russell Johns is the official representative of USA Today

Since 1968 Russell Johns has been building exclusive relationships in advertising and marketing, and those benefits are meant to help you. We work directly with Gannet and Elsevier, which gives us access to the best rates available across the industry. For more information about how to place a request for proposal, please contact us.

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