Place Recruitment Ads as Part of Your Branding Strategy

Place Recruitment Ads as Part of Your Branding Strategy

For smaller businesses branding may not be something that you think about all of the time. But if you are in an industry where many of the businesses perform similar functions, creating an identifiable brand image can be a huge asset to your company both now and even in the future.  For small business owners, especially who want to maximize every advertising dollar spent, thinking about how your brand image can factor into all your advertising is important. For some it can be hard to picture how even their smallest of ads can fit into their brand image. In fact, you can place recruitment ads as part of your branding strategy and they will begin to do a lot more than just performing the singular function of hiring  new employees.

Why Small Businesses Should always be Considering their Brand Image

Having a brand identity for your company helps people recognize yours apart from those like it.  It makes it more special, and more memorable. This means that when the time comes that they need your services they will be able to remember your company instead of just referring to the first company that they come across. Quite often we think of this by easy jingles that we remember on the radio or catchy slogans that we have seen on TV.  Branding is also about using consistent logos, colors and fonts.

The appeal of a brand is beneficial in that it will not only attract new business clientele and increase the appeal of those who will be interested in working for your business. Improving these things can also make your business more profitable and therefore improve your ability to sell at a higher price point later on.

Gives your Business a Sense of Identity

Ask yourself these questions about your company’s image to help yourself determine your business’s  brand image for attracting candidates when you place recruitment ads.

If your company had it’s own personality what would it be ? ( examples Upbeat, Caring, thorough, technology forward, Warm and inviting )

What stands out about your company persona in comparison to those around it? What would be it’s biggest strengths and assets? This would be where you might list the benefits of the job as well as some reason why a person might want to move to the area where your company is located in.

What are some of your company’s weaknesses?  Often when we as managers are interviewing we tend to gravitate toward people like us.  In business this is not always the best way to fill in gaps. Instead identify your companies weaknesses and seek out someone who has those strengths.  By not doing so we only limit our own growth and that of our companies.

By thinking about your company’s brand image more as a person when you place your recruitment ads with a unique personality you will be able to pinpoint the types of people that your recruitment ads will attract to business. Letting that persona shine through when you place your recruitment ads is a great way to attract like minded individuals.

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