Placing a RFP for advertising

A request for proposal (RFP)is an overview of the needs a business has so that agencies may submit a bid to work with them on a specific campaign. Placing a RFP for advertising doesn’t have to be time consuming or confusing. Placing a RFP for advertising doesn’t have to be confusing or time consuming.

What to include in an RFP

RFPs can vary in length from just a few specifications to a dozen or so specific sets of criteria. This may also include getting an understanding of how the agency works as well as its portfolio of previous creative work. 

The more specific the information in the RFP, the better the chance of getting a response from agencies that precisely fits their needs. It goes without saying that with out the necessary information, it is likely that the agencies receiving the RFP will have all the information they need to respond, and therefore, more time will need to be spent on the business’s end to make their needs more clear. 

We are unbeatable in our ability to provide Nationwide exposure that includes online placement of your ads. We can also provide affidavits and any tear sheets that you need once your ads have run.

We represent the publishers directly  

Since 1968 Russell Johns has been building exclusive relationships in advertising and marketing as well, and those benefits are meant to help you. For over 50 years, we have been building our relationships and working directly with publishers all across the United States we can save you time and money when you place a request for proposal with us. We work directly with Gannet and Elsevier, which gives us access to the best rates available across the industry. Businesses that want to place Request for Proposals (RFPs) in the United States sometimes find that their biggest challenge is contacting multiple publications or agencies that can give them the best rate for advertising. One of the most important aspects of fully understanding the scope of any advertising campaign is sharing the campaign budget parameters.

Even though it may seem like there are no longer ANY low-cost options in advertising in this economy without incurring additional costs or covering areas outside of their market or region. Finding affordable options is still possible. Agencies frequently use RFPs to collect information from prospective agencies when they are in the planning stage, outlining the scope of the campaign, price, potential publications etc, before creating partnerships with agencies to obtain the best rate. One of the ways we are able to secure the best rates is because we directly represent a number of reputable publisher including USA Today

For more information about how to place a request for proposal please contact us.

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