Popular Advertising Themes for April

As the weather continues to warm up and spring breaks have happened throughout most countries, travel advertising and outdoor activities continue to increase throughout the month of April and the additional upcoming months. Types of events that are popular advertising themes for the month of April include spring Holidays like Easter that traditionally occur in March or April. Elements of these holidays influence a majority of the themes during April and throughout the Spring months. Here are some more ideas on how to create campaigns around popular advertising themes for April.

Advertising for summer vacations typically begins in the spring and during the month of April as the weather continues to warm up. People continue to get more preoccupied with thinking about things they can do outdoors and places they want to visit during their vacation time. Wedding planning also increased during the month of April as warmer weather naturally means that people are more inclined to consider holding their special day outdoors.

Advertising for other outdoor activities and sports like Golf that have huge events like the Masters which usually take place in the warmer months of spring. Participation in these types of activities typically picks up speed in April and the summer months. Earth Day and other Low-cost Eco-Friendly activities are popular pastimes during warmer months. Tax day typically occurs, so advertising for tax services continues this month as well.

Adding humor and laughter elements into ads during the spring and summertime have always been used as a strategy for marketing to help their ads connect with their audience and be more impactful overall. Humor allows brands to be seen as more relatable and ultimately more trustworthy as a result. Audiences typically expect to see images using smiling images with big grins in marketing materials throughout the year, but it is particularly useful in presenting people in a way that is upbeat and cheery. For more information about planning your advertising campaigns throughout the year please see these additional posts.

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