Effective Recruitment Advertising Services; Writing Ads Attract the Right Candidate

Any business owner knows that the hiring and interview process is a lot of work. Placing recruitment ads and finding qualified new hires can be a challenge for any business owner large or small. It can be extremely time consuming to find a person that meshes with your company culture and meets your wish list of requirements to become the perfect fit. Having an effective recruitment advertising service behind you to help you write an effective ad and guide you through the entire process can save you tons of time and  help you reach a more qualified pool of people that are optimal for a position you are trying to fill.

As well as to make sure that the ad details the exact expectations you have for that position.  The more thorough you are, the fewer unqualified resumes you will have to sift through during the interview process. Being organized and efficient now will  save you time and sanity in the long run. Often for employment opportunities where certain degrees or professional qualifications are required it can be important to make sure that your recruitment ads are posted in reputable forums and present the reader with enough information that they can picture what the position will be like.  

Running ads on Professional Job Boards

Targeted publications or professional publications that are directly affiliated with a professional industry are a great way to tap into a pool of candidates that will put your ad in front of the exact community of people you are looking to attract while also giving your job opportunity the prestige and credibility of a well known publication.  Including recruitment ads on online job boards as well as in printed advertisements increases your likelihood of reaching the largest pool of recruits. Some professional industries like Dentists and Doctors have specialized forums that advertise open positions, this provides a credible forum to find highly quality recruits from within their industry. Placing in niche specialty professional forum like the ada carreercenter   and family medicine careers that are directly associated with that industry is the ideal way to reach a targeted demographic of those people who are ideal to fill the position you have open.

Creating an Effective ad for your Recruitment Campaign

When writing out your description of the job, you will also want to include additional information that makes the job seem more appealing or stand out from others like it. In professional industries where many of the jobs functions are similar making the job appeal in other ways  draws more attention to the opportunity working at your company can provide. The head line of any ad  must be eye catching in order to even get the reader through the rest of the ad. When deciding on the perfect headline for your recruitment ad take a moment to run through the most appealing things about the opportunity and what type of tone best fit your company culture and environment

In the body of the ad it is  important to appeal to your reader by giving them enough information that they can picture themselves working for you.  By giving them the incentives as to why they should want to work for you. For instance one great way to make a recruitment ad stand out is by using humor to letting the audience know some appealing factors about the location. If relocating is an option for them   include things like salary range, longevity of the opportunity and most popular reasons a person might move to that location.

Information to include in your ad to help make your position stand out

  • Location information
  • company achievements and awards,
  • reputation in the industry
  • modern/ advanced facilities
  • work/life balance
  • atmosphere and company culture

And while it might go without saying understanding how to apply is crucial. Include straight forward directions on how to contact and where to send resumes when applying, if reusing an ad from a previous post double check that they dates of submission line up also. For more information on how to attract the best candidates an how your recruitment advertising services can be more effective check out this post on how to write an effective recruitment advertisement

Russell Johns is the official publisher representative for the American Dental Society and the Society of teachers for Family Medicine 

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