Magazine and Newspaper Advertising

As advertising strategies and ways to market our endeavors continue to diversify and get more competitive, traditional forms of media are having a new allure in being able to offer venues where the advertising can be showcased and viewed by an audience that is choosing to participate in the messaging. While not the most flashy, magazine and newspaper advertising as well as other forms of print advertising have some pretty seriously appealing reasons they should be a reoccurring part of your advertising strategy.

In online forms of advertising, the overabundance of ads produces more advertising fatigue. and studies have shown that print advertising is actually better able to propel an audience to act by producing more buyer impulses than online and even TV advertising. People like the convenience and trustworthiness of printed news in a time when it feels like there are so many things out there that are not accurate or even true.

Magazine and Newspaper Advertising is the perfect medium at reaching a diverse group of educated readers across all generations. There are Magazines that cater to nearly every interest and hobby out that that makes it the perfect type of media to reach even the most niche markets out there. Advertising in niche publications is a great way to reach your target demographic without also reaching too many people who may not be in your primary demographic.   Niche publications exist for a broad variety of hobbies and interests as well as professions that consist of loyal subscribers and readers.

Magazine and Newspaper Advertising also distinguishes itself from many other forms of advertising in that ads do not fade away immediately after the first exposure. Readership of a publication dictates that typically a newspaper cross paths with multiple readers who are making a conscious choice to flip through looking for articles and ads that jump out at them. Tabloid Publications like National Enquirer, The Globe, and National Examiner are still popular reading choices for a variety of people looking for stories on celebrities and other trends. Advertisers who post ads for Books, Products, and services tend to do well in these popular publications.

Asking for specific placement in publications can be beneficial in making sure to give your ad the best opportunity at catching the largest number of eyes. People naturally look at the upright hand corner first and then begin scanning clockwise to the other side. By including forms of traditional advertising.

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