Ways to Effectively Advertise your Franchise Opportunity

Coming up with new and effective ways to advertise your franchise opportunity can be a huge undertaking.  This involves working to develop a brand identity that stands out and distinguishes you from your competition.

For any business owner, it is important to make sure that you walk yourself through the process that a consumer takes. This includes things like making sure your site is user and mobile friendly as well as easy to navigate and find information that directs people to what they need to do to get in touch with you and begin their franchise venture.  You want to make sure that while also taking into consideration the concerns that a future franchise might have. Frequent concerns are a work-life balance as well as the type of assistance that they will get learning how to start and run their franchise.

How to advertise a Franchise Opportunity Regionally

Effective networking is also a great way to further promote your franchise opportunity. One of the most common ways that franchise owners network is by visiting expos. However,  it can be hugely beneficial to build up excitement leading up to expos by reaching out online via social media and other forums to let people know what expos you will be at and why they should visit you there. This can be done by advertising during the weeks leading up to the event.

National marketing is also an effective way to advertise your franchise opportunity but often there is an assumption that it is cost prohibitive. This isn’t necessarily true. Publications like USA Today  offer the ability to place a cost-effective ad in their publication as well as in their local insert that runs in a local daily paper across the county which includes franchise sections that reach readers, are predominantly male and between 25-54 with high incomes, which makes them an optimum audience to advertise business opportunities.

“The huge benefit for them is saving money on advertising and not wasting their time/money in regions where their franchise territories are filled.  The USA Today newspaper has a great program for franchises to target a state by state region where they need to expand their franchise. It is my goal to teach franchise owners about the great opportunities that exist out there to reach future franchisees in a cost-effective and targeted way. ” (Doug Knowles Account Executive, specializes in franchise advertising and business opportunities )

Advertise your Franchise Opportunity in Industry specific publications

Creating some sense of broad recognition is very important when you advertise your franchise opportunity in that having a brand identity translates to having people interested in the opportunity that your franchise has to offer.  Placing advertising for your franchise opportunity in well-known publications is a great way to borrow the credibility and brand recognition of that publication.  This also helps create a sense of recognition or a go to when you are looking to create a sense of familiar ground at expos.  When you think about products that advertise by including logos that say things like “as seen on ” or find our ad in ” followed by a widely known and respected publication or TV program.  Most people like to feel like they are both ahead of the crowd but also making a decision that the crowd will support.

Many types of advertising can leave an audience feeling overwhelmed or in the case of online advertising can frequently go ignored by the audience altogether.  There are now many more types of advertising available and business owners have more variety to choose from. So while traditional forms of media may have seen a decrease in advertising dollars spent it also comes with the bonus of running somewhere where there is competition for your ad and more likelihood that the people looking for what you have to offer will have less clutter to sift through when it comes to seeing your ad.

Where should I advertise my Franchise?

Recent studies have concluded that looking at advertising in print in both newspaper and magazines involves the audience making a conscious choice to view the advertisements versus viewing other types of media instead. Paid subscriptions to the print editions of both magazines and newspaper publications continue to remain higher across the board whereas it is much less likely that any audience member will pay for the online editions. Print advertising does, in fact, have a few advantages that are distinctly helpful when you are looking to advertise your franchise opportunity. One of the biggest misconceptions about traditional advertising is that they are becoming less successful and less productive. The truth is that just like any other industry, advertising is becoming more competitive.

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