Advertising Tips for Dental Recruitment

Dental recruitment advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few things to consider when placing your ad in print or online from a trusted Dental Recruitment Advertising Agency. If you are looking to attract the best and brightest professionals to your practice here are a few effective dental recruitment advertising methods that may help you along the way. 

Take the time to review your online listings, making sure that all the correct information is listed and that it appears consistent with the rest of your brand image. Ensure that your logos, colors, and even pictures maintain a consistent feel throughout your site and your entire brand presentation. If you have reviews, either positive or negative, it is a good idea to respond to them promptly and politely. Many people rely heavily on online reviews when making decisions. If you have not built up reviews on your social media sites and business listings, it is a good idea to encourage your customers to leave reviews.

It is important to create your brand around what makes your practice stand out. Think about what might make your practice different than others like it. If your office works hard to create an inviting atmosphere, use state of the art equipment or high-quality patient retention and management. These can all be wonderful elements to highlight when identifying elements that should be part of your branding.

Whenever possible make sure to place your ad in both the print and online editions of a publication.  By including your dental recruitment ad on multiple mediums you increase the likelihood that your target audience will come across your ad.  Even better is if they see your ad in both places.

  • A simple and to the point subject line.
  • Short sentences
  • Straight forward call to action
  • Placement

Give a short description of the job as well as the basic requirements and some information about the work/life balance.  Keep in mind also that each generation has different priorities when job hunting.  For instance, younger applicants are looking for work-life balance whereas older applicants might just want a job that values their experience and loyalty with some benefits.    You will want to share some things about the job, the company, and even some things that are attractive about the local area ( Tip: think about reasons why people might want to move there)  that could help your position stand out. Outside of those things, there is no need to overindulge with too much additional information.

Online Professional resources like the adacareercenter provide recruitment advertising services and is a great resource to reach the exact professional market you are targeting. In cases like these, there are additional opportunities to inform your audience about open positions within your business as well as improving brand recognition and credibility by promoting your business on the professional forum.

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