Advertising Opportunities for Franchises and Development Opportunities

It might be frustrating to figure out what advertising opportunities for franchises are available to you. There are lots of rules,  and it can be helpful to find a representative that is informed of your industry and is aware of its rules and regulations.

“I work with Doug for our regionally / nationally targeted franchise development campaigns, He pays particular attention to detail for our campaign and ensures everything goes without a hitch”  ( Blaine Young Franchise and Development at NaturaLawn of America ). Agencies   should know  not to use any art work that could be confused with something that is used by another business and false information about the competition.  When there are competitor comparisons ,their trademark must be identified as their own property.

If you plan on using a celebrity endorsement or even  someone who shares a likeness with that person, you will still need to make sure that your rep obtained proper permissions beforehand. If any logo  are being  used , the same rules apply and copyrights will be needed before ads can go to print.  Lastly, while it is okay to use testimonials, make sure to use the real person and not an actor. Doing so is actually prohibited by the  Federal Trade Commission.

Local and Regional Availability

Even when there is already name recognition to go along with your brand.  It is still important to find affordable and successful advertising to develop your franchise opportunity.  Many states do require franchises to be registered before any offers can be advertised in printed materials. This includes  both traditional printed newspapers or handouts such as brochures and mailers.

For Regional and local opportunities, surprising to most people, is that in some cases recognized publications do offer advertising opportunities for franchises that are not registered nationwide. “USA Today allows us to place regionally and nationally targeted franchise development campaigns to specific statewide regions including the Carolina’s, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee.” ( Blaine Young NaturaLawn of America )

Diversifying your advertising

Other advertising opportunities for franchises includes media forms like, banner ads, directory listings and even social media.  These outlets provide economical advertising that can work whether the franchises advertising needs are Local, Regional, or National.  Content Marketing is also a must, not only for low cost advertising opportunities for franchises, but also small business owners in general.  This is a great opportunity to give  franchisees tips on how they can better improve their business and learn about fundamental aspects of the franchise.



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