Advertising Sales Agency How to Increase Calls, Clicks, and Exposure

Advertising Sales Agency How to Increase Calls, Clicks, and Exposure

Your most Trusted Advertising Sales Agency since 1968

  • Personable
  • Hands-on,
  • Attention to detail.  

These are just a few of the things you may want to look for from an experienced publisher representative agency. One that specializes in handling the needs of some of the most trusted print publishers , job boards and traditional media sources in the industry.

Don’t get caught up in everything else,

 More and more frequently,  publishers of newspapers and magazines are looking for a sales agency to handle their sales and creative services. They  no longer want to have those tasks done in-house.  Part of this is because of the detailed nature involved in representing the brand of another company, finding an advertising sales agency that helps you create a seamless transition is a must.


Research shows that business is built on repeat clientele. Not just new business. The role that customer service plays alone is huge. Anyone who gets on the phone representing your publication must have a vested interest in the publication. Plus the ads that go into them. This means that advertising sales play a big part in a publication’s brand image because sales are such a big part of the overall customer service.

Secondly, being able to transition the atmosphere of the publication to the sales agent is crucial. There is a high priority in  attention to detail and experience required in assisting publishers. They must maintain an in-house feel while completing daily tasks. Some of these tasks include things like run-of-book, classified advertising sales,  directory, and ad creation. Plus, support for the publications that it works with.

A full-service publisher representative agency can assist you in functioning  as flawlessly as an in-house department but without all of the hassles that go along with it. Ideally, an advertising sales agency will be able to analyze your publication’s business goals and determine how to deliver maximum results. Targeting your audience with custom promotional materials including email campaigns, rate cards, print, and digital house ads, sell sheets, and other sales collateral. Experience in multiple formats of advertising including both on and offline media is a plus. 

It’s Like Artificial Intelligence but with a real Brain  

“Our publishers appreciate that we are able to reduce the workload involved in placing their small space ads. We give them a big peace of mind and free up their in-house employees to focus on other tasks. They know we will be able to maintain the level of integrity that their audiences expect from their publication and create a seamless transition from our offices to theirs. ”   ( Tony Hagerich Senior Advertising Sales for the United States and Canada  Division ) ” These publications like that we can handle everything from  Run of Book and marketplace advertising, as well as legal ads and digital advertising as well as creative services. “

Advertising Sales Representation Services

Having a Media Sales Representation company that can  handle the media ad sales for your publication can free up valuable time. This will give you more time and free up valuable resources that can be better spent elsewhere.  Russell Johns Associates is a Media representative firm that handles a variety of tasks for its clients. This includes sales, billing and also has extensive experience with run-of-book, directory and classified advertising sales.

Russell Johns  takes care of creation and support for both  traditional print advertising sales and cutting edge digital technologies. In addition to creating development banner advertising and classified ad listings we also take care of the design of  multi-channel advertising packages to promote cross-platform sales.

About Us

Russell Johns Associates is a publisher representative recruitment advertising sales firm.  That was established in 1968. They has played a vital part of enhancing and developing advertising business strategies and furnishing solutions for publishers every since. RJA has an immense pride in the role that they play in representing many well-known and professional publications. Some of their partnerships include  USA Today, National Enquirer, JADA, and ADA News. Russell Johns associates also represent many other professional titles and special interest titles. A full list of their publications can be seen here.  Because Russell Johns Represents several Professional publications they also act as a full-service CareerCenter and  Job Board Service for recruitment ads.  For more information on the Publisher Representative Agency and  Advertising Sales Agency utilized by Russell Johns

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