Small Business Advertising Tips that Create a More Trustworthy Brand Image

Creating a trustworthy brand image doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. Here are a few common sense tricks to get you started.

One of the first things that you will want to do to create a strong sense of identity for you brand image. A great place to start  is with a slogan that creates a sense of connection and invokes positive emotions with the audience. Creating a trustworthy brand image is about building an emotional connection with your target audience and is a key way to begin building a sense of trust between your business and it’s clientele.

Here are some Small Business Advertising Tips that can help!

Tip: Look to build connection;  either set them apart of a crowd  or to make them feel more unified with the group. Depending on the product service or ultimate goal one voice may speak louder than the other.  For instance Politics require words of unification to create a common ground where people can stand united. Where as with products people often like to feel like an individual.  All of these are done by by using phrases that resonate within core values and builds a sense of  connection to your brands identity and  values.

Tip:Be sure to steer clear of gimmicky sounding slogans.

Remember this key phrase “people love to buy but hate to be sold”  while a little bit cliche is still true! Today’s consumers are master researchers who do their due diligence in checking out what is what. People like REAL and Authentic.

Tip: People are not only concerned about where they will get the biggest bang for our buck. But they also want to do business with companies that have solid reputations and do good business. Consider investing in some community out reach. People love to do businesses that care!

As an advertiser creating a positive brand image means having to keep in mind that we should play an active role on our social platforms. This means putting an priority on addressing issues as they come up and encouraging additional positive interaction. By creating an active and inviting forum you present your business in a positive modern light.

Tip: Add some fresh content on your site to give the idea that you are a resource in your field that can help them with what they need.

As we know too much of anything, isn’t really a good thing. Beefing up a campaign with more ads doesn’t always guarantee more results.  Most people are in fact turned off by in your face ad campaigns.  For these reasons it can actually be beneficial to reduce the amount of ads that your campaign is running on certain forums so as not to over power the audience to the point where they block out and begin ignoring all of your ads all together. This type of method tends to work quite well in places where people are used to being bombarded by tons of ads. Advertising fatigue has become especially prevalent online and even in forums like TV and Radio where we can fast forward through or switch stations to avoid listening to ads that we do not think we are interested in.

Tip: Instead advertisers could consider transferring some of that budget to other forms of advertising that reach a person in a much more relaxed and receptive to the advertising that they see.

Print advertising like Direct Mail, Newspapers, and Magazines all allow for a person to choose when and how to participate.  Typically when viewing  these types of advertising  its at a specific time of day that works for them. It’s a conscious choice to pick up a newspaper, go get the mail, or thumb through a magazine.   This creates an environment that is actually proven to create more  buyer impulses than other types of media. Audiences are more receptive and on the look for things that they may want to buy, or that could be a good deal.  While they may not be “in the market” they could be if they are struck when they are “ in the mood.”

Once you have found some things that work it’s important to be consistent and keep them going.  This includes finding a logo, color scheme and even a public face , and persona that you want your audience to be able to recognize and think of whenever they might need your specific product or service. Creating a consistent environment is a huge part of building that trusting relationship. While this point isn’t new, it’s still important to remember that creating this type of  presence not only on your social media sites but also with consistently placed ads can be extremely beneficial in building your reputation and forming a trustworthy brand image.

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