Small Business Advertising, Three Ways to Create More Sales

Small business advertising is definitely a challenge. It’s hard enough to keep up with the demands that running a business has without having to worry about how to create more clients.  It is often said that it is easier and cheaper  to keep a client that gain a new one. While this is definetly a truth of business that does not make it any less of a challenge. Today most businesses facing mass amounts of competition this can be a big challenge.  On top of that many people prefer doing business with companies that have been referred to them by a friend, family member or someone else that they trust. Creating a a business atmosphere that is primed for creating business referrals is about these 3 things.

Effective Small Business Advertising Tips to create more referrals and better word of mouth advertising

Customer Service

While great products sell, customer service and the ability to rectify the needs of a dissatisfied shopper is what sets apart a good from great and is the true lynch pin of small business advertising. It’s also important to identify your weak spots and work to improve them. Understanding the needs of any audience starts with reaching out and listening to what they have to say. Is the first Key ingredient in a strong small business advertising campaign.

You don’t sell through customer service by pitching features and selling solutions, you do it by listening.”

Studies show that “ 68%  of customers quit doing business with companies “because of an attitude of indifference towards the customer by the staff a big part of this is how a company handles a complaint. In fact people are twice as likely to share a negative experience than a positive one. Because of this it is important for small business owners to cultivate a atmosphere that is inviting and friendly that encourages clients to reach out to them directly with issues. This may be as simple as ending every call with a simple question like ” Did i answer all of your questions?”  Simple right? But there’s more. The true key ingredient is a staff that invites conversation and takes the time to listen to the issues that the client may be facing.

“ My first goal is to always make the customer feel heard. Most of these people are small business owners and have a huge vested interest in the success of their campaigns. Small business advertising is tough. ”  says Tony Hagerich Customer satisfaction manager for Russell Johns Associates.

“ When any situation comes up where a client is not happy,  it’s not necessarily fun, but I work hard with the client to get on their level. When they see that I genuinely care  and am working with them to help them fix the issue,  it gets a lot easier after that. It’s also important to rebuild any trust that may have been lost. I do this by keeping  in close contact with them about what I’m doing to resolve the issue, and how that moves through all the involved channels.  Once we identify the issue it can usually be worked out.
Studies also show that a  properly handled complaint is actually a great way to create a loyal client. In fact as much as 70% of consumers who have a bad experience would be willing to do business with a company again if the complaint is resolved in a effective manner.

 Speak their Language

Today’s society is not looking for someone who is coming above them. They are looking for Authenticity. This requires a voice that speaks to them not through hierarchy but shared experiences. The startling truth is that today’s shoppers often feel that they themselves are just as much of an expert as anyone else.  If you have been on any type of social media lately you will notice a slew of regular Joe’s identifying all the problems in the world and giving their expert advice as to how it should be resolved. This is no different in the world of small business.  For many, being informed, is just  a matter of getting online and researching for a while and any question can be answered( while not always accurately )in just a few clicks .

Small business owners will want to make sure that their messages are able to communicate to their buyer in a manner that speaks to their audience effectively. Ideally you want to come across as someone has shared experiences with them, not someone who has a haughty, better than you attitude.

Most people are looking for a mix of practicality and quality at a reasonable price point. For older generations a well known brand image can create a lasting buyer seller relationship but for younger generations. Identifying the price point that they are comfortable with. Most people are not interested in top of the line but instead are looking for quality products that last within their price point.  Added features might seem like a big bonus but if they push the price point to a place that’s unrealistic it will create distrust. While added features and services might indeed cost more, not everyone wants to pay for those luxuries when they won’t use them.

Build trust and Reliability in your Brand Image

The old saying goes “People love to buy but Hate to be sold” This is even more true in a time when people are increasingly more distrustful of advertising.  Quite often people have the ability to tune out or completely ignore and fast forward through ads all together.  For advertisers this presents itself as a huge challenge. Where should we spend money on advertising to help our reputation and not set us back.  Studies show that actually placing ads in well known and reputable places can actually acting  similar way as a referral. Meaning the reputation of the media can actually improve the reputation of those ads that they run. Studies show that the most trustworthy media is print advertising.   Even better studies show that print advertising actually shows to have the greatest increase in purchasing behaviors over several other types of media include TV and online advertising.  And while it may seem like a minor detail people like the portability of newspaper, or the ability to easily to tear out and “clip” an add they are interested in to save or pass along to a interested friend or family member.

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